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"Where will you be watching the world consuming me from? That's right, a prison cell. I'll send you a bar soap."
Tony Stark to Ivan Vanko[src]

Batiment B3 is a prison in France.


Escape from the Batiment B3

Following his arrest, Ivan Vanko was imprisoned in Batiment B3. He was visited by Tony Stark, who was granted a few minutes of discussion by Lemieux. Stark was taken to Vanko's high security cell and talked with Vanko, discussing his Arc Reactor and what Vanko had chosen to do with it. Vanko then explained that his actions would eventually cause the fall of Iron Man while he would watch, but Stark dismissed Vanko's claim, mocking the fact that he would watch him from prison.

Justin Hammer found out that Vanko was imprisoned in Batiment B3. He paid off a guard to smuggle a bomb in Vanko's cell, and also had an other inmate, who looked like Vanko, brought into the cell. Vanko understood that he had to kill this other inmate and activate the bomb so that he could fake his own death. He then left the cell and was stopped by another guard, but he killed him as well just before the bomb detonated. As the alarm of the prison's rang, Vanko was taken away by the corrupt guard so he could leave the prison and be taken to Hammer.[1]