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"A lot of those kills I got in one night side by side with the guy, holed up in a house in Basra with no backup. We spent the night trying not to die. One of the best nights of my life, if I'm honest. It was just them or us. Who was better?"
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

Basra is a city in southern Iraq.


"How about Basra, '08? Operation Panther's claw? Come on, Lieutenant. Tell me the stories are true!"
Glenn Talbot to Lance Hunter[src]

In 2008, Lance Hunter was deployed to Basra within British Armed Forces in a mission codenamed "Operation Panther's Claw", that he managed to accomplish.[1]

Frank Castle and Billy Russo were stationed in Basra by United States Marine Corps. However, they were surrounded by enemies in a house without backup. Castle and Russo spent the night, exchanging fire with hostiles before they were evacuated.[2]


  • Basra is often nicknamed as the Venice of the East.
  • Basra is one of the proposed locations of the Garden of Eden.


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