Basha is a noblewoman that purchased Inhuman fighters from Kasius.


Testing Inhumans

Meeting with Kasius

Basha had Tye inform Kasius that his Inhuman charge Abby has been failing in her training. Kasius suggests to Ty to let Jemma Simmons train her. After Jemma gave Abby some pointers in controlling her powers, Kasius and his men come in where they take Abby to his arena. Basha and Kasius watched as Abby got thrown around in battle when faced against Basha's unnamed champion who she said had defeated different opponents in the galaxy. She witnesses Abby using what she has learned from Jemma to defeat and finish off her opponent. After that was over, Kasius allowed Basha to purchase Abby for her own uses as he and Sinara prevented Jemma from having a say in this.[1]

Witnessing Quake's powers

Basha returned on the Lighthouse and joined Kasius who had captured Quake. Basha saw Quake using her powers on Tye and was amazed by the performance. When Kasius told Basha that he intended to put up Quake on auction, Basha suggested she could make an offer immediately. However, Kasius denied her request and informed her that Quake's price would be discussed over dinner that Basha had always refused to attend. Basha then angrily left without further word.[2]





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