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"We just flew in from Omaha to find our missing daughter."
"Honey, Hope's not missing if she still calls us once a week."
"She could be in a cult!"
―Barbara Shlottman and Bob Shlottman[src]

Barbara Shlottman was Bob Shlottman's wife and Hope and Owen Shlottman's mother. She was killed along with her husband by her daughter, under the influence of Kilgrave's powers.


Wife and Mother

"Has Hope had any problems in the past?"
"God no, always been incredibly disciplined."
Jessica Jones and Barbara Shlottman[src]

Barbara married Bob Shlottman and the couple had two children, Hope and Owen. They raised their children to be frugal and spend only when needed. The two became proud but fearful when their eldest decided to leave Omaha to go to college in New York City, but she eased her mother's fears by calling often, telling of her accomplishments in track and field, and by living with her best friend Mei.[1]

Hope's Disappearance

The Shlottmans reunite

Last hearing from Hope on her birthday, Barbara became worried and convinced her husband Bob for them to go to New York City to find their daughter. After their own search proved fruitless, the Shlottmans went to the New York City Police Department to convey their concerns when a man with an English accent recommended to them to hire the detective Jessica Jones from Alias Investigations to help them.

Arriving at the Alias Investigations Office, the Shlottmans noticed that the door was out the hinges and the window was broken; they did find the detective though and were invited to talk. Barbara explained the situation to Jones while Bob attempted to fix the broken door. Jones took the case.

A few days later, the Shlottmans received a call from Jessica Jones recommending they leave New York City and their daughter Hope. However, a few hours afterwards, the Shlottmans received another call from Jones telling them that she had found her.[1]

Not So Happy Reunion

Shlottman is killed by her daughter

The Shlottmans went to the Alias Investigations Office to collect their daughter Hope and to thank Jessica Jones for finding her. Jones said that she was following them outside while the Shlottmans walked to the elevator. As the three entered the elevator of Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, but before Jones could enter, Hope drew a gun from her purse and began shooting her parents; Barbara Shlottman was killed.[1]






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