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"Do you really think you're worthy to challenge me? These two are warriors. You are nothing but a betrayer. You have no honor. I should have recognized you were too weak to be Hand. Deep in your soul, you know you are nothing more than a teacher of children at a dojo that I gave you."
Bakuto to Colleen Wing

Bar the Big Boss is the twelfth episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Ward receives an offer with strings attached. Davos advocates for an extreme solution and a deadly duel gets personal.


Ward Meachum wakes up in a mental hospital and sees hallucinates to see his father alive again, threatening him and Joy Meachum. Nurse Stacy Hill goes into his room to check on him. Ward tries to bribe her to try to get out. Later, he wakes up again to find Bakuto injecting a drug into his IV. He explains that it helps get rid of the withdrawal symptoms Bakuto offers to help him get out as long as Ward becomes head of Rand Enterprises since Harold has been dangerous. Before leaving he also says part of the deal is that Ward helps him capture the Iron Fist.

Davos vs Wing.png

Rand helps a confused Colleen Wing who can't believe Bakuto wanted to kill her. Davos comes up behind them and scolds Wing for being a member of the Hand, but Rand defends her saying she isn't anymore. After an argument, Davos walks away. Meanwhile, Joy and Harold discuss how Joy thought he was dead. Suddenly, Ward walks in and his sister happily greets him. Ward warns Joy about their father's intentions and they go to leave so they could catch up, but Harold stops them. After an argument, Harold's men attack Ward and he subdues them, taking their gun and pointing it at Harold. Bakuto and his men enter, but Harold's men pull out their guns forcing the Hand to shoot them dead. He has the Meachum family sit down. His men take Harold and bring him to his knees. Bakuto asks for Ward's phone and makes a call.


At Chikara Dojo, Rand cleans up Wing's wounds, but she is still lost in Bakuto's betrayal. Davos walks in and tells them to keep focus. Bakuto calls Rand and shoots Joy while Rand watches. He says that if Rand doesn't make it within thirty minutes then he will lose his family. Bakuto lowers his machete onto Ward's neck and threatens to swing. Rand quickly leaves the room, but Davos protests saying that the Iron Fist doesn't surrender.

The thirty minute limit is closing in so Bakuto offer Harold a chance for his last words. Harold tells Ward that he is the biggest disappointment of his life. He then apologizes to Joy for not choosing her and tells her not to trust Ward. Bakuto lines his machete to Harold's neck and prepares to swing, but Rand arrives. Bakuto brings out the hand cuffs and restrains Rand. Bakuto then tells Ward that he is backing out on their deal and leaves.

Duel at Bethesda Terrace.jpg

In the elevator, Rand asks Bakuto's intentions with the fist. Bakuto tells him he will realign his chi to help him become the Iron Fist again. Rand concentrates and gets his chi to work, allowing him to break free of his cuffs. However, when he goes for a punch, it disappears. Suddenly, Wing and Davos arrive and attack the Hand. Rand realizes they don't want to kill him, Bakuto says they just need to subdue him. Davos reaches for a knife and kills one of the Hand men. Wing gets slashed in the wrist, but manages to defeat her opponent. Bakuto runs into a temple which forces the group to follow. Bakuto condescends his old student and challenges her. Wing duels him with a sword fight in the rain. Bakuto overtakes Wing and cuts her sword which causes a shard to spring up into the air. She kicks the shard at him and impales his leg. Rand goes to help, but Davos stops him saying it's her sensei and her fight. Wing makes a move and impales Bakuto. He falls to his knees while Wing goes for the finishing strike, but can't do it, saying that they are no better if they kill him. However, this isn't Davos' morals, so he takes his knife and stabs Bakuto in the heart. Davos then scolds Rand saying he doesn't have it in him to kill people and doesn;t deserve the fist. Rand angrily charges at his friend and they fight. Davos fights Rand while scolding him for not being strong enough, Rand overtakes Davos and yells at him saying he is the Iron Fist. Davos gets up and leaves, saying he will never understand because the gate to K'un-Lun is open and the Iron Fist isn't there to protect it. There will always be consequences. Wing turns around to find that Hand men have taken Bakuto's body, likely to resurrect him.

Rand and Wing on the run.PNG

Harold carries Joy to the hospital. In the waiting room, Harold looks around, remarking about how he forgot how gross people are. Harold tells Ward that he remembers plotting against his own father as well. He offers for the three of them to get Rand Enterprises back. Ward asks about Rand. Harold replies saying he has served his purpose. He then gets a call from Rand saying Bakuto is dead and asks how Joy is. Harold asks where Rand will be for the night, Rand tells him. After the call, Rand discusses the Davos situation with Wing. He tells her that he doesn't want the same thing to happen to them. They kiss and go inside.

In the morning, Wing wakes up to music playing. She finds Rand practicing and she joins him; they practice together and in sync. They music is interrupted by a text from Ward telling Rand to get out and Harold is coming for him. Rand looks out the window to see men arriving. They take out a few and see it is the DEA. Although confused, they run away.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Brother vs. Brother Trevor Morris
Things Changed Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand tries to explain to Davos that he can be both the Iron Fist and Danny Rand after their battle.
New Family Trevor Morris
Come Down Anderson. Paak
  • Colleen Wing is awoken by music, she heads out to the Chikara Dojo to find Danny Rand practicing and joins him, they begin to synchronize their movements together until Danny's phone goes off.


  • Harold Meachum mentions that he has always wanted to visit Australia. David Wenham, who plays Harold, was born in New South Wales, Australia.
  • At the start of the episode, nurse Stacy Hill says to Ward Meachum: "As it says in the Bible, 'This too shall pass.'" This phrase does not appear in the Bible. Rather, it is of fabled origin (some suspect Persian or Jewish folklore). This specific phrasing first appeared in the late 1800s, in a collection of tales by Edward Fitzgerald.


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