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"I was never fond of him."
"We must not speak ill of the dead."
"Why? What's he going to do about it?"
―Banker and Sheikh[src]

The Banker was one of HYDRA's main leaders in the wake of the HYDRA Uprising. While he and the other leaders were deciding how to replace Daniel Whitehall, he was accused of attempting to mount a coup, which resulted in him getting assassinated by his own peers, as part S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assassination of all the HYDRA leadership.


HYDRA Leader

Roundtable Discussion

"In all likelihood he's dead too, if he did his duty."
"You underestimate S.H.I.E.L.D., constantly it would seem. Von Strucker would like this mistake to stop happening."
―Banker and List[src]

Banker raises his glass up to Daniel Whitehall

The Banker attended the biannual roundtable meeting of HYDRA leaders that was hosted in the mansion of Octavian Bloom. Among the other attendees were the Sheikh, the Baroness, and List, representing Wolfgang von Strucker. As wine was poured to give a toast to Daniel Whitehall joining the Red Skull in the afterlife, the Banker refused to have his glass filled.

After the toast, the Banker admitted that he did not like Whitehall. The Banker wanted to replace Whitehall as leader of his faction; however, the others wanted the same. List decided that whoever destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. before it could make its move against them would have the position. The Banker and the others agreed.[1]

Death by Disintegration

Banker getting assassinated by HYDRA

"Do you think it's the Baroness?"
"And the Banker, and the Sheikh."
"We can't have infighting at a time of transition."
List and Sunil Bakshi[src]

Octavian Bloom and Sunil Bakshi sent a kill-order for the Banker to be terminated. Lance Hunter lied to Bakshi telling him that he was sent to kill him so that he could not take his rightful place as Daniel Whitehall's replacement. An accountant received the order and waited for the Banker to go inside an elevator, and attacked him using a Splinter Bomb, which made the Banker disintegrate.[1]


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