Bambina Teresa Bliss "Bambi" Arbogast is the secretary of the CEO of Stark Industries.


Employment at Stark Industries

Shortly after the Duel of Los Angeles, Bambi Arbogast was hired at Stark Industries for Tony Stark as a receptionist. A few months later, when Pepper Potts became CEO of the company, Bambi became her secretary.[1]

Stark Expo

Bambi Arbogast was also responsible for the hiring of Natasha Romanoff under the alias Natalie Rushman.[2] During and after the Stark Expo, Bambi kept her position as receptionist and secretary for Potts.[1]

Aldrich Killian's War

Two years later, Bambi was one of the many employees harassed by Happy Hogan, now head of security for Stark Industries, for not wearing their clearance badges. She maintained her duties as secretary and receptionist, alerting Pepper that Aldrich Killian, "her 4 o'clock," was there to see her.[3]





  • In the comics, Bambi Arbogast is Tony Stark's long-term assistant.



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