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"Baltimore, born and raised."
Sebastian Derik[src]

Baltimore is the largest city of the U.S state of Maryland.


Birth of Sebastian Derik

S.H.I.E.L.D. assassin Sebastian Derik was born and raised in Baltimore before joining the organization. Derik told Janice Robbins that he was born and raised in Baltimore, as she thought he could be from Iowa due to his way of speaking.[1]

Visit to Isaiah Bradley's

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in Baltimore

In 2024, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson went to Baltimore and walked through a neighborhood to Isaiah Bradley's house. On their way, they passed a boy who called Wilson "Black Falcon", but Wilson corrected him saying it was just "Falcon" and then proceeded to tease the boy in a jokingly manner.

Isaiah Bradley speaks with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson

After they reached Bradley's house, Bradley's grandson, Eli Bradley came to the door and refused to let them in. Barnes told him that he knew his grandfather and they were let in. Inside, Bradley recalled fighting the Winter Soldier during the Korean War, although Barnes told him he wasn't like that anymore. Barnes then told Bradley about the existence of more Super Soldiers and asked for his help, but Bradley became angry upon hearing this and ordered Barnes and Wilson out of his house.

Baltimore police arrive to arrest Bucky Barnes

As Wilson and Barnes walked back down the street, Wilson asked Barnes why Bradley's identity was kept secret. Before Barnes could answer, Baltimore policemen arrived and told Barnes that he was under arrest for missing his court-mandated therapy session.

Therapy Session

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in therapy session

At the Baltimore Police Station, Bucky Barnes was let go and met with his therapist Christina Raynor in the lobby. There Sam Wilson met Raynor and found out by John Walker that he had let Barnes go free. However, Raynor ordered a therapy session in one of the station's interrogation rooms and told Wilson to join. During the session, Raynor asked Barnes and Wilson to engage in open dialogue, in which Barnes asked Wilson why he gave up the shield, in which Wilson said he thought he did the right thing. After the session was over, Barnes and Wilson left the station.

John Walker and Lemar Hoskins

Outside, Barnes and Wilson were met by Walker and Lemar Hoskins who told them the name of the leader of the Flag Smashers. Walker also asked the two to join them, but Wilson refused noting that he and Barnes were free agents and not held down by the government's orders. After hearing this, a disappointed Walker told them to stay out of his way.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Wilson and Barnes continued down the street and decided what their next move should be, with Barnes suggesting they go and visit Helmut Zemo and left Baltimore.[2]

More Visits to Bradley

Eli Bradley and Sam Wilson

A few days later, Sam Wilson returned to Baltimore and walked back to Isaiah Bradley's house. Along the way, he passed Eli Bradley who was out playing basketball with a friend. Eli asked Wilson what he was doing there and told him that he'd be back soon, and Wilson proceeded on to the house.

Isaiah Bradley and Sam Wilson

Wilson then found Bradley outside tending to his plants and asked if he could speak with him. Having let Wilson inside, Bradley and Wilson sat in the living room, and Bradley answered Wilson's questions. Bradley also recalled his past having taken the Super Soldier Serum and what his life was like because of it, getting emotional at times. Bradley told Wilson that due to his Super Soldier abilities he was able to combat against the Winter Soldier when they crossed paths. When the subject of Captain America came up, he told Wilson that no black man would ever hold that mantle and was convinced of that sentiment due to his past experiences. After Wilson left Bradley's house, he called his sister telling her that he was coming back.[3]

Sam Wilson, Isaiah Bradley, and Eli Bradley

Days later, Wilson returned to Baltimore, now having taken on the mantle of Captain America, and was greeted by Eli at the door of Bradley's house. After Eli called Wilson "Black Falcon", Wilson said he needed to learn some manners, before Bradley walked up from the backyard. Wilson and Bradley then discussed Wilson's new role. Wilson also told Bradley he wanted to show him something asking him to get ready to leave, with Eli asking where they were going.[4]



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