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Bagram Air Base is a United States Air Force facility in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Stark Industries Presentation

Tony Stark traveled to Afghanistan in a business trip in order to host a demonstration of the Jericho missile for the United States Armed Forces. He arrived into Bagram Air Base, traveling in his own private jet with his friend James Rhodes, where he was greeted by William Gabriel and prepared to leave for the site of the demonstration.

The Jericho was successfully deployed, showing its destructive potential, and while on route back to Bagram, Stark was kidnapped by the Ten Rings in Kunar.[1]

Ten Rings

James Rhodes was assigned on several missions to battle different cells of the Ten Rings. Rhodes battled groups of heavily armed terrorists in Afghanistan, India and Sudan, with virtually identical weaponry despite having no common location or ideology; he deduced that a common benefactor was supplying terrorists under the flag of the Ten Rings to fulfill his own agenda.

Rhodes returned to the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, where he contacted Tony Stark, busy at that moment with the construction of Stark Tower in New York City. Stark told Rhodes how he tried to track those responsible for  his kidnapping, but his investigations after confronting them at Gulmira led to nowhere, as the Ten Rings operated in autonomous cells, and the highest-ranking operative in each cell had one contact in another cell, but not with the overall leader.[2]


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