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"Who has tech like this?"
"We don't. Not like this. Not this small and internal. That's at least a decade ahead of anything I've seen."
Grant Ward and Leo Fitz[src]

The Backscatter X-Ray Eye-Implant is a technology developed by HYDRA at Cybertek. It is implanted into HYDRA and Centipede Project operatives and is used as a means of communication and control.


Akela Amador's Recruitment

"They took me to a clinic. I had multiple surgeries. Until one day, I could see out of both eyes again. I was so grateful, until I realized what they had done."
Akela Amador to Phil Coulson[src]

Four years after her capture by T. Vanchat, which had also resulted in her losing an eye, Akela Amador was given the Backscatter X-Ray Eye implant by HYDRA's Centipede Project, upon being sold onto them by Vanchat. A former MI6 agent known as the Englishman was also given an eye implant. This implant forced Amador and the Englishman to do the Centipede Project's missions, or they would just trigger their eye implants' kill switch. Although Amador had attempted to resist, this would be punished with agonising pain sent through the implant, as well as the threat of execution.[1]

Akela Amador's Missions

Akela Amador activating backscatter mode

"Now that I've seen it, I could maybe approximate: the backscatter, X-Ray, a micro transceiver that somehow doesn't fry her brain; an internal power source."
"All miniaturized. Honestly, it's genius."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Having been forced to comply with the Centipede Project's demands, Akela Amador began doing missions, following the orders that were sent to her eye implant. Amador was sent onto jewellery heists around Milan, Monte Carlo and Stockholm, totaling over thirty million dollars, with Amador taking advantage of her eye implant to wait until total darkness, before using the backscatter function on the implant to see in the dark, subduing any of the guards who were in her way.

Akela Amador scanning the hotel rooms

Returning into her hotel room, Amador confronted Kropsky, having used her eye implant to scan all the various rooms and confirmed that he had brought two other men with him, which broke their agreement. However, Amador then completed the mission regardless, handing over the stolen diamonds in exchange for thirty million dollars. While she was in Belarus, Amador also scanned her Innkeeper with her eye implant, and noticed that she had a tumor, which Amador warned her of, which allowed the innkeeper to go to a doctor and arrange for surgery to remove it.

Akela Amador drives at the S.H.I.E.L.D. van

Amador had become aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been tracking her, and managed to locate the van, in which Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were gaining access to a feed from her eye implant, with the help of Skye. Just as the agents were able to get the footage from the implant onto their screens, they realised that Amador was currently looking at an X-Rayed view of their own van. Amador had then proceeded to drive her truck into the S.H.I.E.L.D. van, knocking them into a ditch, although she was unable to stop their access to the feed from her implant.

Akela Amador begins repairing her implant

S.H.I.E.L.D. watched Amador's feed from the Bus, as they saw Amador looking at herself in the mirror, before using surgical tools to dig into her eye implant to make repairs. Seeing this, Phil Coulson confirmed that the feed came from her eye, and not a camera like they assumed. As Amador closed her eyes to view the inside of the implant, Fitz noted that closing her eye activated backscatter mode, as he noted that this technology was beyond S.H.I.E.L.D.'s capabilities. Amador then wrote a message to the Englishman, requesting to finally be allowed to sleep.

Akela Amador tries to shoot Melinda May

Eventually, Amador inadvertently revealed she was at the Crown Regent Hotel by seeing a receipt, which Melinda May saw. May then confronted Amador, who continued to away from May to protect her, with Amador confirming to May that her handlers could not hear audio, but could use facial recognition. Looking at May, Amador then told her that there was a failsafe on the implant, before attacking her. During their fight, Amador had turned off the lights and used her backscatter to try and kill May, only for Coulson to arrive and shoot Amador with the Night-Night Gun.[1]

Removing Akela Amador's Eye

Akela Amador assisting with her surgery

"Ocular surgery's not really my field of expertise."
"We've got no other choice. There's a kill switch inside Akela, could be a poison, could be an explosive. Either way, if Ward's caught, they'll kill her instantly."
Jemma Simmons and Phil Coulson[src]

Having been captured Akela Amador, she was taken to the Bus, while the feed to her eye implant was put in the Backscatter Glasses, which Grant Ward wore onto her mission, allowing Amador to be free from being watched for the first time in years. Amador spoke with Phil Coulson about her ordeal, while Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons prepared for surgery to remove Amador's eye, with Amador agreeing to do whatever was needed to get the eye removed and to finally be freed.

Leo Fitz removes Akela Amador's eyeball

As the surgery continued, Simmons had been able to pull the eye out of Amador's socket, inviting Fitz to then assist her to cut the wires, with the nervous Fitz noting that it was likely that both the power source and the kill switch were located inside the eye itself. Having contacted Ward for some assistance, Fitz was informed that their mission had just been compromised and ordered him to cut the wires immediately, which Fitz did, just as the Englishman had then activated the eye's kill switch, with Simmons helping to contain the eye just before it exploded.

The Englishman's eye implant is detonated

Having just activated the kill switch inside of Amador's eye implant, the Englishman had then left his residence and attempted to escape, only for Coulson to block his path, explaining that he was an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The moment that he looked at Coulson's badge, the Englishman realised his fate, as his own handler activated his kill switch, blowing up his eye implant, as the Englishman immediately fell to the ground dead. Having been freed from her own implant, Amador had then accepted her arrest, pleased to have finally been at peace from her handlers.[1]

Ambush at the Centipede Base

Brian Hayward's eye implant is detonated

"The one on the left is Akela Amador's, Hayward's is on the right. Now, his prosthetic was slightly damaged, but based on digital reconstruction, we can now confirm that the technology is virtually identical. Hayward's prosthetic has the same internal power source, backscatter capabilities, and biomechanics as Amador."
Leo Fitz to Phil Coulson[src]

As the Centipede Project needed some more weapons following Akela Amador's capture, they began putting Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants into their Centipede Soldiers, along with advantaged versions of the Centipede Device. These soldiers were sent out to ambush the S.H.I.E.L.D., who had been tracking them down. Following a prolonged fight, the soldiers fled once Brian Hayward was defeated by Mike Peterson, before Hayward begged his handlers not to kill him, insisting he would never talk to his captors.

Phil Coulson learning about these implants

Having been watching all Hayward's monitors, Raina detonated his eye implant, killing him. Rewinding the footage from Hayward's eye, Raina also noted to Edison Po that he had been looking at Peterson, not she explained was one of Centipede's first subjects, noting that Peterson had somehow kept his powers, despite not being injected with the Centipede Serum. Returning onto the Bus, S.H.I.E.L.D. looked at scans of Hayward's eye compared to Akela Amador, as Leo Fitz explained that the technology was identical, confirming that Centipede had designed it.[2]

Mike Peterson's Upgrades

Mike Peterson discovering his eye implant

"Good morning, Mr. Peterson. Stand by for further instructions."
Clairvoyant to Mike Peterson[src]

Following his apparent demise during an explosion, Mike Peterson was captured by HYDRA, who were able to save his life, but added cybernetic enhancements to his broken body, including an eye implant. Peterson woke up inside a cell, discovering that his right leg had been lost, much to his horror. As Peterson looked in the mirror, he saw all his facial burns, before receiving a message from the Clairvoyant, as Peterson realised that he had been given the eye implant.[3]

Mike Peterson is told not to fight S.H.I.E.L.D.

Having been transferred in the Hyperbaric Chamber to Ian Quinn's Villa, Peterson was woken up to be given his latest upgrade, the Prosthetic Leg that was delivered by Cybertek. As the installation had been witnessed by Skye, Quinn suggested that Peterson could shoot her in the gut, only for Peterson to tell Quinn that these were not the orders that he had been given, which he was reading from his eye implant. Peterson was instead ordered to kill Carlo Mancini, and all of the other Cybertek employees, as the Clairvoyant had felt that they failed him.

Mike Peterson makes requests via his eye

Having slaughtered Mancini and his team, Peterson had been looking down at the corpse of Sofia, when he then received another message from the Clairvoyant, telling him not to engage S.H.I.E.L.D., who had just arrived at the Villa and arrested Quinn. Peterson had then escaped from the Villa and walked to a children's park, where he watched the family's playing with their children. Peterson wrote a note to the Clairvoyant, asking to see Ace Peterson, only to get a message telling that that he could not yet, much to Peterson's considerable sadness.[4]

Rocket Launcher Upgrade

Deathlok's weapons systems are activated

"They're coming for me, it's time we finally meet."
Clairvoyant to Deathlok[src]

While Deathlok was checking on his injuries in his safe house, he heard a knock at the door, as he used his eye implant to look out, finding only a box, as the Clairvoyant confirmed this was a gift. Deathlok took the box inside the safe house and took out the Forearm Rocket Launcher, which he painfully attached onto himself. As all of his weapons systems came online, the Clairvoyant explained that S.H.I.E.L.D. were coming for him, and it was time for them to meet.

Deathlok preparing to shoot at Melinda May

Deathlok was first sent to Tranquility Bridge, where he set up an ambush for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who came there looking for Thomas Nash, who Centipede had intended to use as the decoy Clairvoyant. Having just used his Cybertek Prosthetic Leg to cripple Felix Blake by breaking his spine, Deathlok was then discovered and shot at by Melinda May. In response, Deathlok used his new targeting systems to take aim at May, before firing a missile at her from his new Forearm Rocket Launcher, which May was barely able to avoid, while Deathlok made his escape.

Deathlok's implants being seen by Leo Fitz

Continuing their plan to use Nash as a decoy, Deathlok had then allowed himself to be tracked down to an abandoned race track in Florida, where Nash was also located. Once the S.H.I.E.L.D. teams had stormed into the building, Deathlok was discovered by the Golden Retrievers, who scanned his cybernetic enhancements, including his eye implant. Having seen the arrival of a team of agents being led by Grant Ward, Deathlok used his eye implant to aim a missile at Ward, which he had just avoided, although two of his agents were injured, which Deathlok made his escape.[5]

Kidnapping of Skye

Deathlok getting orders from John Garrett

"Garrett says you have five minutes."
Deathlok to Grant Ward[src]

Once he had successfully captured Skye and brought her back onboard the Bus for interrogation, Deathlok and Grant Ward had then discussed the situation, with Ward insisting that he should interrogate Skye alone. Receiving a message from John Garrett on his eye implant, Deathlok told Ward that they would be given five minutes. Having Skye's Hard Drive to himself, Deathlok attempted to hack into it, only to get a message on his implant telling him that he had failed.

Deathlok receives orders from John Garrett

Garrett messaged Deathlok on his implant, saying he was done waiting and to move onto Plan B, which meant using the Heart Stopper on Ward, forcing Skye to watch him die, until she gave up all of the information. However, Deathlok and Ward discovered that Phil Coulson had snuck onboard, attempting to use Lola to escape. Deathlok used his implant to aim his Forearm Rocket Launcher at the pair, although Coulson was able to drive Lola off the plane. Garrett then messaged Deathlok through his implant, telling him to forget about Skye and Coulson.[6]

Ambush at the Barbershop

Deathlok Soldiers activate the eye implants

"These guys, we don't like these guys... Yes sir, we have them in sight. Copy that... Okay people, let them have it."
Kyle Zeller[src]

As a reward for his work, John Garrett had called Kyle Zeller and told him to send some footage of Ace Peterson to Deathlok's eye implant for him. Knowing that they were being tracked by S.H.I.E.L.D., Garrett had set up an ambush at his Barbershop Headquarters, as he left multiple Deathlok Soldiers there. Once the team arrived, the Deathlok Soldiers shut off the lights, as their eye implants lit up, allowing them to see in the darkness, while the S.H.I.E.L.D. team remained blind, giving the Soldiers an advantage.[7]

Kyle Zeller watches S.H.I.E.L.D. surrounded

The footage of this ambush had been screened back onto the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, where Zeller noted to Jesse Fletcher that this would be good for him to witness as he watched on all of the monitors. Having given Garrett an update on the situation, Zeller turned back to the other Cybertek employees, as he gave them all permission to order the Soldiers to kill the agents. However, following a brief clash the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were able to defeat the Deathlok Soldiers, as Zeller watched all of this and gave Garrett the update, which Garrett dismissed.[8]

Battle at Cybertek

Deathlok continues to protect John Garrett

"Coulson said to bring you in."
"You can access my hardware and watch my every move. Go ahead. I'll only be making amends for my actions."
Skye and Deathlok[src]

Arriving at the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, Deathlok had remained by John Garrett's side, acting as his personal bodyguard, observing him while Garrett took control of the entire facility. Deathlok had watched on while Grant Ward had demanded to be given orders from Garrett, while Deathlok admitted that he had been ordered to never leave Garrett's side, which Garrett instead mocked him about. However, Deathlok and Garrett were unaware that Skye had managed to hack into Deathlok's implant and had secretly been watching everything.

Deathlok Soldiers getting their new orders

The facility had then been attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., as Garrett's Deathlok Soldiers were sent to intercept Phil Coulson and Antoine Triplett, who were attempting to drive their Humvee into the base, with the Soldiers attempting to punch through the Humvee's windows. At the same time, Skye and Melinda May had gotten inside the facility's control room, and managed to trick Kyle Zeller into activating the Soldiers' Default Directive, which was displayed on their eye implants and resulted in all the soldiers leaving Coulson and Triplett, and returning to protect Garrett.

Deathlok aiming his rockets at John Garrett

Skye was then able to locate Ace Peterson, revealing to Zeller that she had just been communicating with Deathlok via his eye implant. Just as Deathlok was then being ordered by Garrett to aim his Forearm Rocket Launcher at Coulson and Nick Fury, Deathlok received a message from Skye and Ace, confirming their safety. As a result, Deathlok instead shot Garrett, before crushing his skull with his Prosthetic Leg. Deathlok had then decided to leave, noting to Skye that if S.H.I.E.L.D. hacked into his eye implant, they would only see him making amends for his actions.[8]

Reunion with Phil Coulson

Deathlok aims at and shoots down a Quinjet

"Fact that this guy hasn't killed me yet means they need me. Mike."
"Ward, turn around. You know what needs to happen."
Grant Ward and Deathlok[src]

Having been contacted by Phil Coulson who needed his assistance with a mission, Deathlok had gone to the Retreat, just in time to rescue Coulson and Lance Hunter from being captured by Robert Gonzales' men. Having subdued the ground team, Deathlok had then gone outside and used his Eye Implant to lock onto a Quinjet that was attempting to escape, before shooting an EMP missile from his Forearm Rocket Launcher, which disabled the Quinjet, before Deathlok and his allies escaped in the other Quinjet.[9]

Deathlok looking through Agent 33's mask

Deathlok was then brought up to speed on the situation, and had learned that Coulson planned to use Grant Ward's knowledge of HYDRA to get them close to Baron Strucker and List. To this end, Coulson and Deathlok tracked down and captured Agent 33, whom Ward was in a relationship with, forcing him to rescue her. While they had waited for Ward's arrival, Deathlok looked at an X-Ray of Agent 33's Photostatic Veil, revealing all of her facial scars that the mask was hiding, as Deathlok asked if Agent 33 had a spare mask that could cover his scars, which she denied.

Deathlok scanning Grant Ward for weapons

They were then joined by Ward, who noted that if Deathlok had not killed him immediately, this meant that they needed him. Not willing to allow Coulson to be murdered by Ward, Deathlok ordered him to turn around, as he used his eye implant to scan Ward's body for weapons, ordering him to place all of them down onto the table. Although Ward put down his guns, knives and garotte wires, Deathlok's X-Ray vision allowed him to know that Ward was still carrying a small blade in his wrist, which he also made Ward surrender before he was allowed to sit down with Coulson.[10]

Captured by Doctor List

Deathlok watches Sunil Bakshi and List

"This video feed was streamed from Deathlok's eye less than an hour ago."
"What happened?"
"It appears HYDRA removed his eye."
Phil Coulson and Robert Gonzales[src]

With the brainwashed Sunil Bakshi having also been recruited, Deathlok had returned to HYDRA, under the guise of having rescued Bakshi from jail. Deathlok had stood by and watched over Bakshi's meeting with List, while S.H.I.E.L.D. had watched the feed from his eye implant. As the meeting progressed, Bakshi discussed the worth of Deathlok, noting how much money HYDRA spent to turn him into the perfect killing machine, as Bakshi's secret mission by Grant Ward was revealed.

Deathlok considers fighting against HYDRA

Bakshi had then offered Deathlok to List, in exchange for a meeting with Baron Strucker, much to the horror of Deathlok, who knew this would mean his death from List's experiments. Unwilling to allow himself to be taken, Deathlok then used his eye implant to target Bakshi, List and the HYDRA guards in the room, quietly loading his Forearm Rocket Launcher. However, despite a brief struggle onboard the Quinjet with Ward over his plan, Leo Fitz was then able to send a message to Deathlok, ordering him to play along with this plan, which Deathlok reluctantly agreed to.

Phil Coulson and Grant Ward are watched

S.H.I.E.L.D. continued watching Deathlok's eye feed, as Bakshi and List discussed their hunt for Gordon, having tracked him down to Milwaukee. Deathlok was sent into a Building where they believed Gordon to be, only for him to encounter Skye while he explored the building, leading to Phil Coulson leading his team inside of the building to save her. However, Deathlok's video feed was then hacked by Jemma Simmons and Melinda May, who took over the feed just in time to see Coulson and Ward working together, before Deathlok was betrayed and captured by HYDRA.[10]

Deathlok's eye is removed by List's doctors

Following their capture, Deathlok and Lincoln Campbell were transported to HYDRA's Research Facility in the Arctic, where they had discussed the situation, before being knocked out and prepared for List's experiments. As S.H.I.E.L.D. regained access to the video feed, they watched in horror as List's scientists then removed Deathlok's eye implant, as well as his Prosthetic Leg. Eventually, Deathlok was rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D., but was told that it would take some time to repair all the damage to his eye and leg.[11] However, his eye had been eventually reattached successfully.[12]

Holden Radcliffe's Upgrades

Leo Fitz commenting on the eye implants

"I see how its surveillance capabilities are appealing, but there was a company that had something eerily similar. Cybertek, heard of them? Turns out they were HYDRA."
"We're not HYDRA, I can assure you."
"They connected explosives to soldiers' eyes, violence for violence sake."
Holden Radcliffe and Jemma Simmons[src]

As part of their plan to find Holden Radcliffe and recruit his help, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons took a pair of modified Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants into a gathering of Transhumanists, which they had believed Radcliffe would be attending. Before they left, Fitz and Simmons had first shown their eye implants to Alphonso Mackenzie, explaining that they were modified versions of what Deathlok had been using, and noting that these should be enough to gain Radcliffe's interest and convince him to assist their mission.

Holden Radcliffe doing a test using his eye

At the gathering, Fitz and Simmons met with Anon, suggesting that she might also like the implants, but had insisted that they would only bring the implants to Radcliffe themselves. Having been told about Fitz and Simmons' proposal, Radcliffe prepared a test for them, where he would present himself as a patient seeking another replacement eye, only for Simmons to see through his test and inject the needle directly into his eye. Simmons explained that she saw that Radcliffe's eye implants had ciliary muscles in the vascular layer, which Humans did not have.

The eyes being pitched to Holden Radcliffe

Radcliffe explained that his eye implant had been designed to enhance his vision to the point of a bird, as he told Fitz and Simmons that he had designed this test to see if he was willing to work with them. Radcliffe then looked at the eye implants that they had brought him, as he noted that their surveillance abilities were still appealing, but also noted that Cybertek had designed something similar, and that they had been being funded by HYDRA, who included explosives into their Deathlok Soldiers' eyes, which Radcliffe had called an ugly misuse of science.[13]

Holden Radcliffe studies the eye implants

Radcliffe would later be recruited to assist S.H.I.E.L.D. in the conflict with Hive, having himself just escaped being Hive's prisoner. While Radcliffe and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were hiding from the Primitives, Radcliffe had looked at some of the technology within the Playground, including Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand and the eye implants. Looking at all the eye implants and feeling the rising temperature in the Playground had then allowed Radcliffe to deduce that the Primitive's vision had been clouded by heat, complimenting Simmons for having also realised this.[14]

Life-Model Decoys

Aida scanning the offices for the Darkhold

"We should kill the lights, they can't see in the dark as well as we can."
Jeffrey Mace LMD to Phil Coulson LMD[src]

Despite him being under orders not to work on this, Holden Radcliffe took it upon himself to restart the Life-Model Decoy Program, beginning by creating Aida, whom he installed with Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants.[15] However, Aida and Radcliffe both became corrupted by exposure to the Darkhold, leading to them attempting to steal it. Having broken into the Playground, Aida used her eye implants to X-Ray the office until she found the Darkhold and took it for herself.

Phil Coulson watched by Melinda May's LMD

Although this plan to steal the Darkhold had failed, Radcliffe and Aida had already made a secondary plan, as they had captured Melinda May, and sent an LMD Decoy in her place. Radcliffe and Aida would use this decoy's eye implants to keep watch over S.H.I.E.L.D. and to ensure that Radcliffe was not a suspect in Aida's apparent malfunction, while they also made another plan to steal the Darkhold. Radcliffe and Aida watched as their May Decoy sat and ate dinner with Phil Coulson, who remained unaware that he was actually speaking with the decoy of May.[16]

Leo Fitz realises what Holden Radcliffe did

However, Radcliffe was eventually uncovered as the mastermind behind the attempted theft of the Darkhold, resulting in him activating his own LMD Decoy, which become arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.. With Radcliffe having escaped and seeking an alliance with the Watchdogs, both he and Ellen Nadeer had watched the feed from his LMD Decoy, as it was questioned by Leo Fitz about Radcliffe's motivations. Eventually, Fitz realised what Radcliffe had done and shot the decoy, as Radcliffe and Nadeer shut off the feed, knowing that the eye implant would be disabled by Fitz.[17]

Ghost Rider rips out the LMD's eye implant

As LMD Decoys were created by Aida, they had infiltrated the Playground, posing as Jeffrey Mace, Coulson, Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie. With only a few agents being aware that the base was infiltrated by LMDs, the Mace LMD advised the Coulson LMD to shut down all of the lights, as their eye implants would help them see in the dark.[18] More LMDs would later clash with Quake and Ghost Rider, as Ghost Rider had been able to pin down the LMD Decoy of Sergei Mishkin, as he had then proceeded to use a drill to brutally rip out one of the Mishkin LMD's eye implants.

Jemma Simmons' LMD's eyes shut down

During their final clashes with Aida, Jemma Simmons had made a plan to trick Aida with her own LMD Decoy. While Aida was confronting Fitz for seemingly abandoning their relationship from the Framework, Aida had grabbed and tortured Simmons' Decoy, before proceeding to electrocute it to death, as Fitz had pretended to be devastated from witnessing this. However, this was all part of Fitz and Simmons' plan to distract Aida, as Fitz looked down at the Simmons decoy just as it's eyes blinked and shut down, before then helping to finally destroy Aida's final body.[19]

Closing the Fear Dimension

Deathlok aims at and shoots his recreation

"So, you'e full cyborg? Or?.."
Deke Shaw and Deathlok[src]

Having been contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and asked to help them once more, Deathlok arrived into the Lighthouse in time to find Phil Coulson trying to close a rift to the Fear Dimension, and had been speaking to a recreation of Deathlok. Using his eye implant's targeting system, Deathlok aimed at and shot his recreation with his Forearm Rocket Launcher, as well as recreations of Hive and Lash that also attacked them, aiming with his eye implant.[12]


Akela Amador adjusting her implant

"It switches to backscatter when she closes her eyes."
Leo Fitz to Phil Coulson[src]

The Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant, developed by HYDRA, is a prosthetic ocular implant that allows the user to see through solid objects when their eyes are closed. It also allows for a form of night-vision.

The unit has an internal power source and the user is capable of adjusting or repairing the unit by themselves with a specialized tool-kit.

The user is under the constant watch of their handler who sends orders and instructions to the user through the eye implant. The handler watches the eye's user for any signs of betrayal or capture.

Backscatter vision

If the implant's user shows signs of disobeying orders, then the handler ensures the operative's loyalty by activating a fail-safe, incapacitating the user with a pain described to be like an "electric migraine." If the user is captured or goes rogue, then the handler activates a kill-switch, killing the operative instantly.

Some of the handlers were, in turn, also installed with the implant and watched to ensure their own loyalty.[1]


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