"You're observing everything I do?!"
"Yes. It's called the Baby Monitor Protocol."
"Yeah, of course it is..."
Peter Parker and Karen[src]

The Baby Monitor Protocol is a security feature installed by Tony Stark within the Spider-Man Suit to observe and record everything Spider-Man sees through his eye-lenses.


Tony Stark designed a new suit for his mentee Spider-Man, which included various and advanced capabilities. Among these new capabilities were the Baby Monitor Protocol, a feature associated to the suit's artificial intelligence Karen. Thanks to this protocol, the suit recorded everything seen by Spider-Man while he was wearing the suit, keeping the footage for further use.

Since he was still under Training Wheels Protocol, Spider-Man was not informed of his suit's full capabilities. He only discovered it after asking Ned Leeds to ask the suit and lift the restrictions. While investigating on Adrian Toomes' Crew, Karen suggested to show images of an encounter between the Vulture's men and Aaron Davis. Karen thus revealed the name of the Baby Monitor Protocol, much to Spider-Man's annoyance as he was tired of being considered a kid by Iron Man.

Thanks to the Baby Monitor Protocol, despite being initially shown images of himself messing around with his new suit, Spider-Man was able to identify Davis so that he could interrogate him later.[1]


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