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"The Tigers aren't gonna be a problem anymore. We're parked in their turf because the Hatchets are gonna crush them. Then we're gonna get our own turf. Be for real players."
―BB to Colleen Wing[src]

BB was a member of Ryhno's Gang.


Demanding Protection Money

"Okay, what's this about?"
"Payback. For the restaurant the other night. We were just trying to get paid. And you disrespected us."
Colleen Wing and BB[src]

BB and fellow gang member Spokes followed their leader, Ryhno, to try and shake down Henry Yip, owner of the Silver Lotus restaurant for protection money. They were driven off by Colleen Wing, who threatened to call the police.[1]

Later, the trio, accompanied by Wiz and Chain, tried to extort the money from Mr. Yip by threatening the staff of the restaurant. They were stopped by Colleen Wing, who was dining at the restaurant with Danny Rand.[1]

Tailing Colleen

"Give me my money."
"Next time you follow me, you follow me to Bayard Street."
"Lady, you've got nice legs. But bullshit walks, money talks."
―BB and Colleen Wing[src]

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Holding Danny Rand Hostage

"I get it. You're just kids stuck in a hard place."
"Call me a kid again, see what happens."
"Please. Whatever you need. A roof over your head, food. I got you."
"Dude, just give it up. Come on."
Danny Rand and BB[src]

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Joining Davos

"Why're we learning to kick each other's asses?"
"With mastery comes strength."
"That's not how it goes, dumbass."
―BB and Crank[src]

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Alliance with Joy Meachum

"You know what they'll do to you if they find you're gone, right?"
"I don't plan on sticking around to find out."
"All right, I'll let you out. But I need your help. There's something I have to find. It's a very old bowl made of copper."
Joy Meachum and BB[src]

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"This isn't our fight. We get out of this now, you still got choices. A future. We stay in... This neighborhood doesn't need martyrs, it needs leaders."
"When you're right, you're right. Chinatown does need leaders."
"For real, bro."
"This is for real. You ain't a leader. Shifu is."
―BB and Crank[src]

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"It wasn't right. Me about to pop off at you. I'm new to this scene. If I wanna stay, I have to pull my weight."
―BB to Colleen Wing[src]

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  • Martial Artist: Alongside Ryhno's Gang, BB received formal martial arts training under the guidance of Davos.



  • Colt M1911A1: BB used this handgun to threaten Colleen Wing in retaliation for stopping Ryhno's Gang from coercing Henry Yip into paying them money. Wing, seeing that BB was nervous, calmly approached him, and then easily disarmed him. BB and the rest of the members of the gang fleed the scene as they heard police sirens, and Wing threw the gun into a nearby dumpster.






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