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"When I first saw it, this childhood memory came rushing back. From Hokkaido. I must have been four or five. And I would sit at the kitchen table, and my mother would brush out my hair. I can't see her. It's just this feeling, you know?"
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand[src]

Azumi Ozawa was the mother of Colleen Wing.


Azumi Ozawa lived with her daughter Colleen Wing in Hokkaido, being the only one in her family who didn't push her away.[1] Ozawa took care about her daughter, telling her bedtime story about the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay, who actually was a warrior from K'un-Lun.

Several years later, Ozawa walked out of her daughter's life and decided to move to New York City. Ozawa sought the help of Frank Choi, trying to pay him by a family relic box, telling the story about the Pirate Queen, and claiming that box was made from the bow sprint of her ship.[2]

Eventually, Ozawa died from her illness and Wing did not know what happened with her for several years. Following Ozawa's death, her father sent Wing to her to live with her grandparents in Japan.[3]





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  • In the comics, Azumi Ozawa is a high-ranking member of a female-only elite team within the Hand.


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