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"Guardians, perhaps it will provide you solace that your deaths are not without purpose. They will serve as a warning to all of those tempted with betraying us. Don't screw with the Sovereign."

Ayesha is the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign. She hired the Guardians of the Galaxy to protect Anulax Batteries from the Abilisk, but after Rocket Raccoon stole several of the batteries with the intention to later sell them, she became enraged and sent her fleet of Omnicrafts to kill them. The Guardians managed to escape through a Quantum Asteroid Field, and Ayesha later hired Yondu Udonta and his Ravagers to complete the task, only to later be betrayed by him. After gaining information from Taserface, Ayesha's army was unsuccessful in another attempt to destroy the Guardians. Ayesha then created the Sovereign's greatest weapon, Adam Warlock, to finally get revenge on the Guardians.


Seeking Revenge

Deal with the Guardians

"Well, perhaps some day, you could give me a history lesson in the archaic ways of our ancestors, for academic purposes."
―Ayesha to Star-Lord[src]

Ayesha greets the Guardians of the Galaxy

Due to the Guardians of the Galaxy's new reputation as heroes, High Priestess Ayesha, leader of the gold-skinned yet xenophobic Sovereign, hired the Guardians to defend valuable batteries from an inter-dimensional monster, the Abilisk, in exchange for Nebula, whom the Sovereign captured following the Battle of Xandar, trying to steal the batteries.[1]

Pursuing the Guardians

Ayesha orders the Guardians be destroyed

"Our concern is the slight against our people... We hire them and they steal from us. It is heresy of the highest order."
―Ayesha to Admiral[src]

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy accomplished Ayesha's orders and she thanked them for their help, Rocket Raccoon stole several of the Anulax Batteries for himself. When the Sovereign discovered this, they attacked the Milano, the Guardians' ship, with their own fleet of Sovereign drones. The Milano was heavily damaged and forced to crash-land on a nearby planet, but the rest of the Sovereign fleet was single-handedly destroyed by Ego, a Celestial who was the father of Star-Lord, one of the Guardians.

Ayesha makes a deal with Yondu Udonta

Still desiring to get her revenge against the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ayesha hired Yondu Udonta, Star-Lord's adoptive father, who had been exiled from the greater Ravager community for trafficking children, to recapture the Guardians. Said and done, Yondu's crew tracked down the Milano and captured Rocket Raccoon and Groot, with the help of Nebula.[1]

Battle on Ego's Planet

Ayesha attacking the Guardians of the Galaxy

Ayesha later led a Sovereign fleet against the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they were attacking the core of Ego, who had revealed his true intentions of assimilating the whole universe for himself even if that meant destroying every single species, the Sovereign among them. The whole fleet was eventually destroyed, much to Ayesha's anger and dismay, but Ego was defeated by Star-Lord, saving trillions of lives, including Ayesha's.[1]

Creating Adam Warlock

Ayesha admires her creation of Adam Warlock

"That, my child, is the next step in our evolution. More powerful. More beautiful. More capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I shall call him... Adam."
―Ayesha to her Sovereign Chambermaid[src]

Unaware that the Guardians of the Galaxy had saved her as well as her species and the whole universe, however, Ayesha's obsession to get them all killed remained. As such, Ayesha decided to develop a new breed of Sovereign, more beautiful and powerful enough to destroy the Guardians, whom she named Adam.[3]


"Don't screw with the Sovereign!"

Ayesha, much like the rest of the Sovereign people, is a xenophobe. She saw the Guardians of the Galaxy as being rude and disrespectful to her and her fellow Sovereign, but displayed interest in Peter Quill. However, she was very grateful to them for defeating the Abilisk. When Rocket stole some of the Anulax Batteries, she saw this as an act of war and one of the highest restrictions, becoming obsessed with defeating them.

Additionally, Ayesha can be extremely arrogant, thinking of herself and the Sovereign people as much more superior than any other race in the galaxy. Like the rest of the Sovereign, she is somewhat immature, prone to frustrated screaming and fits when embarrassed or defeated.


"Every citizen is born exactly as designed by the community. Impeccable, both physically and mentally. We control the DNA of our progeny, germinating them in birthing pods."
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Ayesha possesses a high level of intelligence, something that she takes great pride in, and often makes her feel superior when comparing herself to other species, even towards other Sovereign citizens. She alone was able to genetically re-engineer her race into something more powerful.
  • Master Tactician: As the leader of the Sovereign, Ayesha is responsible for many decisions including, hiring the Guardians of the Galaxy, attacking them for treason, and creating Adam Warlock.
  • Expert Pilot: Ayesha is capable of piloting an air craft that is remotely controlled by the pilot in the planet. The system then feeds into the actual air craft that is in battle.








  • In the comics, Ayesha was created by the Enclave, with the unacknowledged aid of Stephen Strange, in order to resurrect their plan to end war and crime through the creation of an artificial human after the failure of the first attempt with "Him". Originally referred to as Paragon, she would later be called other names like Her, Ayesha and Kismet.


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