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"Selling weapons to criminals is wrong."
"How do you think your buddy Stark paid for that tower?"
Spider-Man and Vulture[src]

Avengers Tower, formerly known as Stark Tower, was a high-rise building complex located in Manhattan, New York City. Constructed by Tony Stark, the tower was powered by an Arc Reactor that makes it capable of running itself for over a year. The top ten floors were originally all devoted to research and development.

Following the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark made the tower the main headquarters of the Avengers. However, after the Ultron Offensive, Stark refurbished an old Stark Industries warehouse upstate into the Avengers Compound for the Avengers to use as their primary base while Avengers Tower was repurposed for Stark Industries' use. In the aftermath of the Avengers Civil War, Stark sold the tower and moved all of its equipment to the Avengers Compound.

By 2024, the tower, under its new ownership, had gone through extensive construction and renovation.


Stark Tower


"It is with great pleasure that I present to you the plans for the structure you see going up behind me: Stark Tower. The very first completely clean-energy-powered skyscraper in Manhattan."
Pepper Potts[src]

Pepper Potts announced in a press conference that, after all damage resulting from the Stark Expo incident had been repaired at the expense of Stark Industries, the relationship between Stark Industries and New York City would make another step towards the future. She presented the plans for a structure acquired by Stark Industries, that would be transformed into the Stark Tower, the first completely clean energy-powered skyscraper in Manhattan, hoping it would become a model for future development in the city. During the press conference, Tony Stark called Potts to congratulate her and told her that he was waiting for her to have a date with a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Potts told Stark that she was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, stating she assumed that he remembered their date was the following night. Stark replied that he obviously remembered, while in Malibu altering one of his armors. A few months later, Stark helped in the construction of the Tower, lifting the giant letters in the front of the building as Iron Man.[1]


"Stark Tower is about to become a beacon of self-sustaining clean energy."
"Well, assuming the Arc Reactor takes over, and it actually works?"
"I assume. Light her up."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

Stark Tower

In 2012, Tony Stark finished installing the last piece of an Arc Reactor in the undersea wiring near New York City thanks to his armor, in order to disconnect the newly-constructed Stark Tower from the general electricity network, making it the first self-sustaining building in New York. Stark contacted Pepper Potts while returning to the tower to tell her that she could turn on the power. Stark witnessed the Tower successfully light up, and flew back towards the tower.[2]

Visit by Phil Coulson

Tony Stark arrives at Stark Tower

"All this came from you."
"No. All this came from that."
"Give yourself some credit, please. Stark Tower is your baby."
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]

As Tony Stark landed on the Tower, J.A.R.V.I.S. informed him that Phil Coulson was trying to contact him, but Stark dismissed the call. Pepper Potts checked that the energy levels of the Tower were stable, and discussed with Stark how the idea about Stark Tower came from the Arc Reactor in Stark's chest. Stark suggested to Potts that she must attribute herself a 12 percent of the merit, and although he tried to justify himself, Stark realized the comment was inappropriate.

Phil Coulson at Stark Tower

Coulson called Stark again, annulling J.A.R.V.I.S.'s protocols, and although Stark tried to dismiss him again, Coulson appeared in the Tower where Potts greeted him on a first-name basis, to Stark's surprise.

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts at Stark Tower

As Coulson explained that his visit was not based on Stark's status as a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D., he thought it had to do with the Avengers Initiative, even though that project had been discarded and Stark had been deemed as unsuitable. Coulson handed Stark a tablet containing files about the other candidates of the Avengers Initiative: Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Thor, about the Tesseract and Loki. Potts realized that she must leave Stark alone to let him focus in the task handed over by S.H.I.E.L.D.. and left.[2]

Battle of New York


Stark Tower prior to the invasion

"Even if Barton didn't tell Loki about the tower, it was still all over the news."
"Stark Tower? That big ugly... building in New York?"
Bruce Banner and Captain America[src]

During his quest to conquer Earth, Loki chose Stark Tower in New York City as the place to open his portal for the Chitauri with the Tesseract, in order to publicly beat the Avengers to assert his authority over the world. Erik Selvig installed the device he created under Loki's control on the rooftop of Stark Tower, connecting to the Arc Reactor sustaining the tower.

Loki and Tony Stark at Stark Tower

Tony Stark arrived at Stark Tower and was informed by J.A.R.V.I.S. that the Arc Reactor had been disconnected, but the Tesseract was already activated. Stark asked Selvig to turn off the device, but Selvig said it was too late for it, so Stark tried to attack the device. The barrier surrounding the Tesseract knocked both Stark and Selvig down, breaking Loki's control over Selvig. Stark descended to the penthouse of the Tower to deal personally with Loki. Stark entertained Loki while J.A.R.V.I.S. prepared the Mark VII Armor. Stark offered Loki a drink, menacing him of how he should be afraid of the Avengers, as he pissed each and every one of them. Loki tried to control Stark, but as the Scepter touched the Arc Reactor in Stark's chest, the reaction was not the one he expected, and he couldn't control Stark. Angered by his failure, Loki threw Stark out of a window, and he was saved in the nick of time by the Mark VII Armor launched by J.A.R.V.I.S., who attached to him before hitting the ground. Stark went to confront Loki again, this time knocking him down with an attack of his repulsor gauntlets.[2]

First Waves

Stark Tower during the Chitauri Invasion

A portal to the Sanctuary was finally opened, and the first waves of the Chitauri began arriving above Stark Tower. Tony Stark managed to destroy the first Chitauri that crossed the portal, but their number soon proved to be more than Stark could handle alone. The Chitauri began spreading through the area surrounding Stark Tower and attacking civilians, while Loki beheld the destruction they were causing.

Thor and Loki fighting at Stark Tower

Thor arrived and ordered Loki to turn the Tesseract off or he would destroy it. Loki, instead, chose to fight Thor, and they battled on Stark Tower.[2] When a Quinjet carrying Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton came into view, Loki hit the Quinjet from the penthouse of Stark Tower with a shot from his Scepter, and they were forced to land near the Tower.[2]

Ascent to the Tower

Hulk beating Loki at Stark Tower

Black Widow realized that they needed to close the portal after containment proved to be overwhelming. Captain America helped her to jump on a Chitauri Chariot to quickly ascend to Stark Tower while the rest of the Avengers continued to battle the Chitauri. Loki began following Black Widow, shooting at her to prevent her from reaching the Tesseract, but Hawkeye was able to shoot him and knock him down from his vehicle, landing on Stark Tower. Hulk then jumped over to Stark Tower and brutally beat Loki.[2]

The Avengers assembled at Stark Tower

Together, the Avengers went to the penthouse of Stark Tower to confront Loki, who surrendered and now accepted the drink Stark offered him earlier.[2]


Stark Tower following the battle

Later, Tony Stark returned to Stark Tower with Pepper Potts, planning to transform the Tower into the Avengers headquarters, adapting it to the needs of each and every member.[2]New York Bulletin published an article called "Stark Tower ruined during Battle of NY".[3]

Therapy Session

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner at Stark Tower

In 2013, Tony Stark retold the story of his battle against Aldrich Killian to Bruce Banner at Stark Tower, detailing the story from the beginning in Switzerland. As Stark was wrapping the story and thanking Banner for listening, Stark realized Banner had been sleeping since almost the beginning of the tale. Banner excused himself as he was not a therapist and lacked the necessary temperament for it. Stark ignored this comment and began telling more stories of his life, much to the dismay of Banner who went to sleep again.[4]

Gathering of Fans

"She's a groupie, all the hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D., tracking powers. She might as well be one of those sweaty cosplay characters crowding around Stark Tower."
"What?! I would– It was one time."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Stark Tower become a gathering point for fans of superheroes, including many cosplayers, hoping to see one of the Avengers. Skye approached Stark Tower once in cosplay.[5]

Avengers Tower

Stark Tower is now Avengers Tower

By 2014, Stark Tower had been rebranded as Avengers Tower. As Tony Stark was inside the Tower at the time, it was one of the intended targets of HYDRA's Project Insight. However, the Tower was not destroyed as Project Insight was successfully stopped.[6] In 2015, Phil Coulson found out the location of the Scepter and sent it to Maria Hill, who was working out of Avengers Tower.[7]

Creating Ultron

Avengers Tower in 2015

In 2015, Tony Stark decided to create weapons capable of seeking out and defeating HYDRA’s remaining outposts and members, creating the artificial intelligence known as Ultron in the process.

Clint Barton is treated at Avengers Tower

The Avengers returned to Avengers Tower where Clint Barton was given medical aid by Dr. Helen Cho. All of his injured skin was repaired using a device called the Regeneration Cradle.

Sam Wilson at Avengers Tower

Later, the Avengers hosted a celebratory party at Avengers Tower to celebrate their recent victory. Notable attendees to the party were James Rhodes and Sam Wilson. After the party was over, only the Avengers, Rhodes, and Maria Hill remained.

Avengers Tower is attacked by Ultron

After attacking J.A.R.V.I.S., the newly created Ultron launched an offensive against the Avengers inside of the Tower. While the Avengers fought back, Ultron recognized Cho's potential and one of his sentries fled with Loki's scepter. After his main body was destroyed, Ultron entered the Internet and spread across the world, filled with purpose about saving the world by exterminating the Avengers.[8]

Creating Vision

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff at Avengers Tower

"I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science ever created was me."
"I'll drop Banner off at the Tower."
Steve Rogers and Nick Fury[src]

Later, the Avengers reunited in Avengers Tower alongside two new recruits, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Having retrieved a device known as the Regeneration Cradle containing what was supposed to be Ultron's final body, Tony Stark opted to upload J.A.R.V.I.S. into it in order to use the body to fight Ultron, resulting in a disagreement with Steve Rogers and a brief brawl to ensue between him, Stark, Bruce Banner, and Maximoff. The fight was interrupted when Thor arrived and used Mjølnir to provide the power necessary to complete the upload.

Vision at Avengers Tower

The now activated synthezoid, dubbed Vision, showed the Avengers they could trust him after returning Mjølnir to Thor. Thor then told them that Vision carried the Mind Stone, which was one of the Stones he had seen in his vision. Vision then proceeded to persuade the Avengers into working together in order to stop Ultron. Shortly after, Clint Barton told them where Ultron was located. The Avengers suited up and departed the Tower in a Quinjet.[8]

Selling the Tower

Happy Hogan at Avengers Tower

"Tony sold Avengers Tower. We're relocating to a new facility upstate."
Happy Hogan to Peter Parker[src]

Later on in 2015, the Avengers relocated from Avengers Tower to a new base in upstate New York.[8] Despite this, Tony Stark continued to make use of the Tower and used it for Stark Industries purposes. However, in 2016, Stark decided to sell it and arranged for Happy Hogan to transport any Avengers related items to the new base.

Avengers Tower is scouted out by Vulture

As the Stark Cargo Plane was being prepped to go, Vulture who was watching Avengers Tower, kept a close eye on the plane. Shortly after the plane left, it was hijacked by Vulture, who attempted to steal the entire inventory, until his efforts were impeded by Spider-Man.[9] In 2018, the Tower's new owners elected to retain its current appearance, retaining the Avengers logo on the building.[10]

New Tower

The Tower in 2024

"Is it in Avengers Tower?"
"No. Tony sold that. A few years ago."
"That is so sad on so many levels."
Kate Bishop and Clint Barton[src]

By July 2024, the Tower had undergone extensive renovation and had been redesigned by its new owners. While Spider-Man was swinging throughout the city, he swung through an artistic gaping hole that had been added in the center of the building, used as a lounge and garden area.[11] As of December 2024, the Tower was still being referred to as Avengers Tower.[12]

Alternate Universes

Stark Tower

The Tower in an alternate 2012 timeline

"Things look like they're just about wrapped up here."
"Got it. I'm approaching the elevator now."
Iron Man and Captain America[src]

In an alternate 2012, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Scott Lang, who were from the main universe travelled the Quantum Realm and arrived in that universe’s New York City. They went to that universe’s Stark Tower where both the Mind and Space Stones were located. Rogers was successful in getting the Scepter and subsequently left the Tower. However, Stark and Lang were unable to retrieve the Tesseract, after it had fallen into possession of an alternate Loki, and were forced to leave the Tower.[13]

Qeng Tower

Qeng Tower in the Void

In an alternate universe, a variant of the Avengers Tower existed and was known as Qeng Tower. However, this version of New York City was pruned by the Time Variance Authority and sent to the Void, where part of the city, including the Tower, was left to decay. It remained present when Loki was pruned as well, landing in the Void near the destroyed Tower.[14]

Avengers Tower

In an alternate 2015, Ultron became in control of the nuclear codes and destroyed Earth. He retreated to the Avengers Tower to rest before Thanos appeared through a wormhole with the Infinity Gauntlet. Ultron became interested and used the Mind Stone to laser Thanos, killing him instantly, and seized the Infinity Stones from the Gauntlet. He then used the Reality Stone to build his army and departed the Tower.[15]


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