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"Ironically, it was the Avengers' heroism that sealed humanity's fate. Because once Earth's mightiest heroes joined the infected, no one else stood a chance."
The Watcher[src]

The Avengers were a team of extraordinary individuals, with either superpowers or other special characteristics.


Zombie Apocalypse

Despite the events of the Avengers Civil War, the Avengers reassembled in 2018 as the United States of America came under the siege of the quantum virus. Consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Black Panther, the group arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to defeat the zombies and save the country. Before they could act, Captain America was immediately bitten by an infected Hank Pym, turning him into a zombie. Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow were then quickly overwhelmed by the zombie horde and transformed as well. Only Black Panther managed to escape, having been kidnapped by Vision, who was living with Wanda Maximoff.

With the Avengers joining the ranks of the infected, little else could be done to stop the contagion. In a matter of days, the United States fell to the virus, with the rest of the world following in the weeks after.

The remaining original Avengers were Bruce Banner and Thor. When Banner returned to Earth, he was unable to meet with any of the Avengers as he learned they had all been infected. Thor was still in space, unaware of the events on Earth.