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"The skin that Davos cut from the corpse; you burned it?"
"The ash, it mixes with the blood to create the ink."
Colleen Wing and Avalon[src]

Avalon is a tattoo artist and one of the Crane Sisters. Along with D.K. and Aiko, she assisted Davos in a ritual to steal the Iron Fist from Danny Rand.


Inking Davos

The Crane Sisters were approached by Davos, having gained all he needed for his quest for power and revenge on Danny Rand. While he was meditating, Avalon and the sisters prepared the ceremony behind him, and made him a warm drink for him to calm his mind and body. After giving him the drink, they laid him flat on his stomach, and successfully tattooed a Steel Serpent onto Davos' back. Davos would capture Rand and continue the ceremony to collect the power of the Iron Fist, brutally ripping it out of the latter's body.[1]

Encounter with Knight and Wing

"On top of assault charges and kidnapping, Davos is wanted for a whole slew of dead Triad. And you three are accessories."
"That's bullshit."
"We don't want to book you. But we do need to know exactly what you did to our friend."
Misty Knight and Avalon[src]

Avalon and her sisters were visited by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing after finishing a client's tattoos. Being questioned about the ritual they had performed to strip Danny Rand of his power, they kept quiet about Davos and being accessories of his crimes. Eventually, she demanded that the sisters distract the women, while she carried the Ceremonial Needles away from the shop.[2]

Inking Colleen Wing

"I thought you were full of shit when you came to the shop. Turns out you want some ink after all? What you thinkin'?"
―Avalon to Colleen Wing[src]

After getting the power of the Iron Fist, Colleen Wing returned to the sister's shop to get the Mark of Shou-Lao. Avalon immediately thought that Colleen was "full of shit" when returning back, but realized that she wanted a tattoo. Avalon told Colleen of this, and asked what type of tattoo and where she wanted it placed. The sisters gave her the mark on her right arm, and she would the power of the Iron Fist to take away Davos' powers, and have him arrested for his crimes.[3]


"I'm sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you all?"
"It was a job."
"You could have said no."
Misty Knight and Avalon[src]

Along with her sisters, Avalon showed no personal qualms with her profession, simply believing it to be a job. When being questioned by Wing and Knight, she tells them that it was a job despite being criticized by the two. She was also defensive, quickly disregarding the idea that she was an accessory with Davos' crimes despite helping him get the Steel Serpent tattoo. She was an opportunist, shown when she and the Crane sisters tattoo Wing with the mark, thus giving her the power to channel the Iron Fist, and take away its power from others.


  • Expert Tattoo Artist: The Crane Sisters were excellent tattoo artist, being gifted with ceremonial needles and the Tibetan bowl to create the Mark of Shou-Lao. Avalon and the sisters show great skill, as shown with Davos and Wing's tattoos, and using small resources to do the mixing.





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