Ava is a resident of the Lighthouse and one of Kasius' many slave servitors.


Enslaved by the Kree

"What's her role?"
"Sometimes the Kree take Humans to their levels to serve. Call it an honor."
Jemma Simmons and Tess[src]

Once living in the human levels of the Lighthouse, Ava was taken by the Kree Watch to become one of Kasius' slaves. As such, she was implanted with the Silencing Implant which rendered her deaf to any sound but Kasius' voice.[1]

Welcoming Jemma Simmons

"Kasius welcomes you to his suites."
"Oh. Someone who talks. Please, tell me how the injured man is doing."
"Please take this opportunity to undress and clean yourself."
―Ava and Jemma Simmons[src]

Ava accompanied Sinara and two Kree guards for a food distribution in the Lighthouse. During the distribution, Reese, another servant, was wounded. After Jemma Simmons saved him, she was brought to Kasius' Suites, where she was greeted by Ava. Simmons asked her how Reese was doing, but Ava could not hear her and simply handed over towels to Simmons so that she could wash herself.[1]

Inhuman Auction

" Your gracious host Kasius would like to say a few words of welcome"

Ava was present when Kasius prepared to welcome Lady Basha in the Lighthouse. She then announced the arrival of the alien noblewoman. After Abby defeated the Beast, Ava attended the cocktail during which Abby was sold to Basha.[2]

When Kasius invited bidders for an Inhuman auction, Ava served during the welcoming party and announced Kasius' speech.[3] She accompanied and served the different guests during the party. During the following dinner, Ava served Gaius Ponarian's Xandarian Snail. She also attended the fight between Melinda May and Ben, and the execution of Ben which followed.

When Kasius' brother Faulnak arrived at the Lighthouse, Ava came to inform Jemma Simmons about the situation, unknowingly keeping Simmons and Leo Fitz from being reunited. When Fitz assaulted the audience after Quake defeated Sinara, Ava cowered with the other servants.[4]

Kasius' Retribution

"We've been far too lenient with those who serve us. It's clear they require a firmer hand. Their disobedience must be punished."
"A Renewal?"
"No. Retribution."
Kasius and Sinara[src]

After the Humans inhabiting the Lighthouse rebelled against Kasius' rule, the Kree overlord decided to punish them, which frightened Ava.[5] She then loaded Kasius' clothes in a spaceship as he intended to leave the Lighthouse.[6]


"I can hear you. I can hear my voice."
―Ava to Jemma Simmons[src]

Ava was found by Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie when they arrived in Kasius' Suites. Once all the Kree guards were dead, Simmons extracted Ava's Silencing Implant and Ava was overjoyed when she realized she could hear everything, including her own voice. Finally free, Ava went with Flint to the safety of the Trawler.[7]


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