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"Is that pistol an automatic? I want that."
Dottie Underwood[src]

The Automatic Pistol is a small handgun that is able to fire bullets in quick succession.


Killing Liars

Otto Mink used the Automatic Pistol to kill his subordinates when he felt that they lied to him about how Howard Stark escaped them and how they did not have the ransom money that he demanded.[1]


Otto Mink pulled out the Automatic Pistol when he told Dottie Underwood to return to her apartment as he was trying to get inside Peggy Carter's apartment in the Griffith Hotel. Underwood saw the gun and asked if it were an automatic, before she made a series of acrobatic moves that killed Mink, taking the Pistol.

Inside her room, Underwood admired the Automatic Pistol as Angie Martinelli called her to a meal.[1]


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Behind the Scenes

  • The Automatic Pistol is based on an Allen & Thurber Pepper-box revolver, with the addition of rotary barrels similar to a Gatling-type gun.