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"This is from Augsburg, my city. So many people forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own."
Abraham Erskine[src]

Augsburg is a city in Germany.


On September 14, 1869, the city of Augsburg was the birthplace of Abraham Erskine, who went on to become one the most renowned scientists of his time.

Erskine reflected upon his origins in Augsburg while talking to Steve Rogers about how Adolf Hitler took over Germany, and the reasons to develop Project Rebirth for the Allies and to choose Rogers as a candidate. As it was the night before the official fulfillment of Project Rebirth, Erskine intended to celebrate the event with a bottle of Schnaps from Augsburg, before realizing that Rogers could not drink before the procedure, and therefore, Erskine drank the two glasses.[1]


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