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"Gifted. Stupid word. It's like calling someone special. You're not special; you're retarded. You're not gifted; you're a freak."
―Audrey Eastman to Jessica Jones[src]

Audrey Eastman is a jewelry manufacturer who lost her mother in during the Chitauri Invasion of New York City. Blaming enhanced individuals for the civilian deaths incurred during the Battle of New York, she attempted to assassinate Jessica Jones, although she ultimately failed to succeed in her mission.


Battle of New York

"I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed."
"In the Incident?"
"I was trying to pull my mother out from the rubble, watching her bleed to death, while all around me, you people were raining down hell."
―Audrey Eastman and Jessica Jones[src]

Audrey Eastman was in New York City with her mother when the Battle of New York occurred. Eastman attempted to help her mother escape from a pile of rubble which fell on her when a building was toppled; she was unsuccessful and her mother died.

Eastman inherited her mother's wealth and properties soon afterwards, including a warehouse and an apartment building.

When Eastman read the newspapers and saw the news that cited that "gifted people" saved the city, she grew angry, feeling that it was their fault that her mother died and vowed to get vengeance if ever she were to encounter one.[1]


While talking to the wife of Gregory Spheeris,[1] who was served a subpoena by Jessica Jones where she used her strength to halt his moving car and threatened him with her "laser eyes",[2] Eastman learned of his encounter with a gifted person. Eastman learned that Jones worked for the law firm Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz and talked to divorce lawyer Desmond Tobey for confirmation of her employment by asking him for an investigator to see if her husband Carlo was cheating; Tobey recommended Alias Investigations.[1]

Hiring Jessica Jones

Eastman went to the apartment building that housed the Alias Investigations Office and saw a man spend at least five minutes fumbling with his keys to enter his apartment. Jessica Jones arrived and Eastman asked her identity and if the apartment was truly an office. As Jones opened the door, Eastman informed Jones about the man's difficulties.

Inside, Eastman placed her rather large purse by the door and began inspecting the place. Eastman told Jones a tale of how she believed that her husband Carlo was cheating and, for her divorce and to keep from paying alimony, the lawyer Desmond Tobey recommended that she get pictures of the affair. Jones asked her if she really wanted those pictures because they are hard to see for married clients; Eastman said her therapist will help her process the drama.

Jones then asked Eastman who recommended her to Alias Investigations, mispronouncing the name; vexed at having to repeat herself, Eastman again stated that it was Tobey. Jones asked her if she had any interaction with an Englishman; Eastman did not know whom she was discussing. Jones then accepted the case, asking for 50% in advance, so Eastman walked over to the door to retrieve her purse.[1]

Target Practice

As Friday approached, Eastman went shopping and checked on her business, which sold, according to Trish Walker, "overpriced, chunky-enamel stuff". Towards the end of the day, Eastman went to an abandoned warehouse she owned. She turned up loud a stereo in the place and began having target practice on three female-shaped mannequins.[1]

Attempted Murder

"You saved the city. That's what the newspapers said. You were 'heroes'."
"Not me."
"The city was saved. But I was there. I saw what really happened."
―Audrey Eastman and Jessica Jones[src]

In order to finish the case, Jessica Jones followed Carlo Eastman to a rendezvous with his alleged girlfriend. The girlfriend turned out to be Audrey herself; she wanted to kill Jones because she was gifted. Audrey Eastman explained that "gifted people" caused the death of her mother by allowing the Incident to happen. Jones threatened Audrey, who shot her in the arm, calling the "laser eyes" threat to Gregory Spheeris a bluff. Jones went on a tantrum rant about how she lost her own parents in an accident, but did not blame anyone else for what happened, trashing the apartment while the Eastmans cowered in fear. She told the Eastmans that she has 99 friends who are gifted and will hurt her if they did not leave New York City. The Eastmans fled with Carlo wanting a divorce.[1]


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