Audrey is a vet and Dave's former girlfriend. She was called by Dave to examine Lockjaw after he was hurt and helped the dog recover. She unsuccessfully tried to report Crystal to the Honolulu Police Department.


Early Life

"Why do you two hate each other so much?"
"'Cause we just broke up."
"A year ago."
Crystal, Audrey and Dave[src]

Audrey used to date Dave, but their relationship did not go well as they had miscommunication issues. They eventually broke up though Audrey had a hard time dealing with it and kept resenting Dave for that.

In parallel, Audrey also studied to become a vet.[1]

A Special Patient

"I still don't get why my dog isn't better now."
"God. You are such a princess."
Crystal and Audrey[src]

Audrey was called by her former boyfriend Dave after he hit Lockjaw with his quad. Audrey reluctantly agreed to come and was amazed by Lockjaw's size.


Audrey examining Lockjaw

She examined him and declared that he would soon recover, although Crystal voiced doubts about Audrey's skills.[1] Audrey came back later to check on Lockjaw and informed Crystal that he was recovering. When Crystal decided to leave to find her family, Audrey advised her against it as Lockjaw needed rest, but Crystal ignored her and teleported away with Lockjaw and Dave, much to Audrey's surprise.[2]

Calling Authorities

"I brought them here so they can just meet Lockjaw and your friend Crystal. You've just been so wrapped up in her. I mean, what if this is some kind of of danger or threat?"
―Audrey to Dave[src]

Crystal, Lockjaw and Dave eventually came back to Dave's barn and Audrey examined Lockjaw one more time only to find that the getaway had exhausted him and worsened his condition as she expected. She insisted that Lockjaw should rest before departing. However, she still distrusted Crystal and intended to take a picture of the Inhuman to report her to the authorities, but Crystal burnt down her phone, prompting Audrey to angrily leave.


Audrey calling the cops on Dave, Crystal and Lockjaw

Audrey called the police and led them to Dave's barn. They met with Dave and asked him to open the door so that the police could see Crystal and Lockjaw. Unfortunately, Crystal, who had reunited with Black Bolt and Medusa, had already teleported away with her dog, leaving only Louise Fisher in the barn. Dave and Fisher pretended to the police that they were dating and that Audrey was jealous of Fisher. The police, convinced that Audrey had only spoken nonsense, left, leaving Audrey bewildered.[3]





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