"I've got nine more guards outside who'd love to take target practice on a princess. Hoping you're not hungry."

The Attilan Royal Guard is a group of Inhumans tasked with maintaining peace and order in Attilan while simultaneously protecting the city from any external threats.


Maximus' Takeover

"We're in the middle of a coup. Maximus has betrayed us. He has the Royal Guard with him."
Karnak to Gorgon[src]

The Attilan Royal Guard was the main military organization of Attilan, dedicated to the protection of both the city and the Inhuman Royal Family under supervision of Gorgon. However, Prince Maximus secretly won the true allegiance of the Royal Guard while preparing for his coup.

Therefore, when Maximus decided to openly rebel against the rest of his family and seize control of Attilan for himself, the whole Royal Guard sided with him, despite Gorgon, a member of the Royal Family himself, being the official captain of the Royal Guard. As such, Auran did nothing to stop Maximus after he murdered Kitang.

Several groups of guards were then dispatched across Attilan to capture the members of the Royal Family. Four of them attacked Karnak in the city's control room, but were easily defeated. Leading another group of guards with Auran, Maximus then confronted Queen Medusa, who was incapacitated by Pulsus and depowered by having her hair shaven before being abandoned. Maximus and his guards then proceeded to capture King Black Bolt, but he was able to escape thanks to Lockjaw.[1]

Princess Crystal, however, was captured by the Royal Guard.They brought her back to her quarters, and several guards were posted outside her door to make sure she would not escape, with Auran taunting Crystal into trying so that he guards would shoot her. Several groups of guards were also dispatched across Attilan to enforce Maximus' new rule.[2]

Mission on Earth

"Maximus will be sending his most elite fighters, and these are fighters that I myself have trained, which means they're good. To them, you'll be like tiny ants, and they're superior beings like me."
Gorgon to Holo[src]

Since most of the Inhuman Royal Family had managed to flee on Earth, Auran was sent by Maximus to find and kill them. However, after a failed confrontation against Queen Medusa[2], Auran received reinforcements of the Royal Guard sent my Maximus: Flora, Pulsus, Sakas and Locus, as well as Mordis.

The group of guards later went against Gorgon and the Makapu'u Surfers, leading to a skirmish in which Pulsus was killed. However, Gorgon was able to escape from the guards.[3] Nevertheless, the guards resumed their hunt for the Inhuman Royal Family, being redirected towards Black Bolt by Maximus, with orders to capture him instead of killing him.

Auran and her group found him at the Declan Research Facility Lab and confronted him and Sammy. However, due to the intervention of Medusa, Mordis inadvertently fired one of his powerful beams, causing an explosion in which Auran and Sakas were killed, while Locus was taken away by Black Bolt and Medusa.[4] The bodies of Sakas and Auran were reclaimed by Evan Declan for autopsy, but Auran resurrected, and was contacted by her soldiers Mordis and Flora, who had captured Sammy.[5]

With help from conscript soldiers sent by Maximus, Auran and her guards prepared an ambush for the Inhuman Royal Family, but the situation turned sideways for the Attilan Royal Guard, as Auran was defeated by Gorgon. With the death of Locus and Mordis, this left only Auran and Flora as the members of the Royal Guard on Earth.[6]

Maximus' Rule

"Put royal guards on every corner. A quiet show of force. Make them a little nervous, and just when they need it most, I will step out and provide a calming hand."
Maximus to Auran[src]

Meanwhile, Maximus used the Attilan Royal Guard to enforce his rule. He sent them after Crystal, although they were unable to catch her in the Quiet Room before she was able to escape to Earth with Lockjaw.[3] The Attilan Royal Guard later carried out the elimination of the members of the Genetic Council after they turned down Maximus' request to undergo a second Terrigenesis.[4]

Although Maximus had the initial support of the Royal Guard, some of them began to plan a rebellion against him, seeking assistance of Tibor. However, Maximus was able to foil the rebels' plan and had the guards loyal to them arrest them while he executed Tibor in front of them.[6]

Following this failed rebellion, Maximus ordered his guards to search Attilan for more rebels. As Crystal arrived in the Inhuman Royal Palace, the guards aimed at her, but she explained that the Inhuman Royal Family asked for a parley and returned Auran and Flora to Attilan as a gesture of good faith. Many guards later stood by during the parley. Two guards then took Evan Declan away after the Royal Family accepted to deliver him to Maximus.

Three guards later accompanied Auran to Attilan's control room to investigate on power shortages, but they were attacked and taken down by Karnak, who convinced Auran to switch sides and help him resurrect Gorgon. Other guards later reported the incident to Maximus, alerting him that the Inhuman Royal Family had begun to take action against him by sabotaging the systems controlling the city. Maximus kept an escort of six guards with him, but these guards were killed by Triton, leading to the capture of Maximus.

Despite this failure, the Attilan Royal Guard was still present to enforce Maximus' rule. A group of three guards was able to capture Karnak and locked him up in the Quiet Room[7], where he was eventually joined by a resurrected Gorgon, who had been captured as well. Other guards chased Triton and Black Bolt, who had Maximus with them, but they were slain by Triton.

Maximus, losing control of the city, sent his guards find Bronaja to use his precognition gift to assess his chances of success. The guards were later dismissed as Maximus negotiated with Medusa in the throne room. Due to the negotiations being unsuccessful, and Attilan being on the verge of collapse, the Royal Guard, including Auran and Flora, abandoned the city and transported themselves on Earth along with the rest of Attilan's population, once again serving under Black Bolt and Medusa.[8]


Current Members


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  • Name: Auran
  • Activity:
  • Description: Trained by Gorgon, Auran was a member of the Royal Guard who became its head after supporting Maximus' coup against Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family. She was sent on Earth to track down and kill the members of the Inhuman Royal Family, and received reinforcements from the guard after she lost a fight to Medusa. Despite coming across the Royal Family, Auran was unable to complete her mission, and was killed in a battle against the Royal Family. Once her body was brought back to the Moon, she returned to life thanks to her powers, but progressively lost faith in Maximus as it became clear that he was merely a power hungry leader rather than a true revolutionary. She eventually switched sides and begrudgingly helped the Royal Family, helping Karnak resurrect Gorgon and ensuring Medusa safe passage so she could negotiate with Maximus.


  • Name: Flora
  • Activity:
  • Description: Flora is an Inhuman of Attilan and a member of the Royal Guard. Following the escape of Gorgon on Oahu, she was recruited as a part of a task force to apprehend her former trainer. She was the only member of the task force to actually survive the confrontations with the Inhuman Royal Family on Earth, and was returned to the Moon as a gesture of good faith towards Maximus. She later returned to Earth along with the rest of Attilan's population to start a new life under Black Bolt and Medusa.

Former Members



  • Name: Gorgon Petragon
  • Activity:
  • Description: Gorgon Petragon is an impetuous member of the Royal Family who loves life and lives in the moment for better or worse. He used to be the captain and leader of the Attilan Royal Guard, but failed to see that most of the guards, including his protégée Auran, were actually loyal to Maximus and not him. Sent to Earth to investigate the circumstances of Triton's disappearance, Gorgon came across his former subordinates on two occasions, and was eventually killed during the Infiltration into the Declan Research Facility Lab. However, he was eventually resurrected thanks to Karnak with Auran's assistance.

Deceased Members


  • Name: Pulsus
  • Activity:
  • Description: He was an Inhuman whose electrical abilities could take down other Inhumans. Pulsus was involved in Maximus' coup where he assisted in subduing Medusa enough for Maximus to shave her hair. He was killed by Lucky during the Royal Guards' fight with Gorgon and the Makapu'u Surfers that haf befriended him.


  • Name: Locus
  • Activity:
  • Description: Locus was an Inhuman of Attilan with echolocation abilities. Following the escape of Gorgon on Oahu, she was recruited to join a task force ordered to apprehend her former trainer. She originally wanted to be a healer before her Terrigenesis caused her talents to be overused. She was captured by Black Bolt and Medusa in the aftermath of the confrontation with the latter, and was forced to help them before being killed in a skirmish against Tua's traffickers. Before dying, Locus advised Black Bolt to change the Attilan caste system while also revealing that Crystal was on Earth as well.


  • Name: Sakas
  • Activity:
  • Description: Sakas was an Inhuman of Attilan with acid-spitting abilities and an agent of the Royal Guard. Following the escape of Gorgon on Oahu, he was recruited to apprehend his former trainer. He was accidentally killed by an explosion caused by Mordis.





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  • In the comics, the Inhuman Royal Guards consist of Alaris, Chynae, Dinu, Drive, Eelak, Nahrees, Neifi, and Tanaja. Medusa, Gorgon, and Triton are shown to command the Inhuman Royal Guards.


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