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"The Chaste is my army?"
"Was. They're all dead now."
Danny Rand and Stick[src]

The Attack on the Wall of the Chaste was a successful attempt by the Hand to carry out the total annihilation of the Chaste.


"There's been a complication."
"What kind?"
"There's a wall blocking our access. It is full of inscriptions. Familiar phrases about K'un-Lun."
"Tear it down."
"We've tried. Nothing works. We've never encountered a wall before. They knew we'd get here eventually. Perhaps we should rethink our plan."
"That's always been the difference between us. You are quick to rethink. I'm a bit more stubborn."
Madame Gao and Alexandra Reid[src]

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"Everyone else on your side is dead."
Alexandra Reid to Stick[src]

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"The Iron Fist was not alone."
"Was the Chaste not extinguished?"
"He seems to have found some allies. Three of them."
"Only three?"
"They were rather exceptional."
Alexandra Reid and Murakami[src]

Despite slaughtering all members of the Chaste, Alexandra Reid wanted to keep Stick alive, having him chained to a column in a dark and empty warehouse. There, she and Elektra interrogated him on the location of the Iron Fist. Though he never spoke a word about the immortal weapon's whereabouts, Stick decided to retaliate, headbutting Elektra from behind and managing to obtain one of their swords, using it to remove his right hand and escape through a vent high on the wall.

Stick left to Chikara Dojo, encountering Colleen Wing. Taking shelter there, he overheard a conversation between her and Danny Rand, leaving to the Royal Dragon restaurant, where he informed Defenders of their impending opponents.[6][4][7]


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