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"Webs fired! New York's mafia cold war has gone hot - and it’s all thanks to the webbed menace Spider-Man! The webhead put civilian lives in danger when he openly confronted the Manfredi Crime Family at a local restaurant - and then had the gall to sass the brave officers of the NYPD when he arrived! Crime may be down in local boroughs, but to those saying Spider-Man’s a hero? Fuggetaboutit!"
The Daily Bugle[src]

The Attack on the Manfredi Crime Family was a successful endeavor by Spider-Man to bring down members of the Manfredi Crime Family in a mob-owned upper class restaurant.


"So, what are you going to do with your last day in New York?"
"I have some errands to run. I have to get mini toothpaste, pick up my passport... and then take down the Manfredi Crime Family."
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

Peter Parker tells Ned Leeds about what he will do

After walking out of Midtown School of Science and Technology at their last day school, Ned Leeds asked Peter Parker what he will do before getting ready for their trip to Europe, leading Parker to tell Leeds that he had some errands to run such as buying mini toothpaste, pick up his passport, and finally take down the Manfredi Crime Family. As Parker looked upon his phone for his bucket list, Leeds looked concerned, to which Parker told him that everything was fine he would instead run errands on his own.

As high school was over for summer vacation, Parker went over to Delmar's Deli-Grocery to buy a dual headphone adapter, sold some of his toys at a pawn shop, and traveled to the United States Postal Service to get his passport. Once he got all of his gear for the trip, Parker prepared to take down the Manfredi Crime Family next.[1]


Spider-Man fights the Manfredi enforcers

"Guys, guys, I just wanted dressing on the side! Fresh ground pepper, anyone? That's it, I'm definitely not giving you a 20% tip!"

After finishing up his own errands before leaving to Europe, Spider-Man had suited up his Iron Spider Armor and engage in battle against the Manfredi Crime Family. Spider-Man defeated the many criminals that were involved with the mob by ensnaring them with his web fluid. As the coast was seemingly cleared, Spider-Man was shot down by one of the goons, only to surprise the goon as noted his suit was bulletproof. After defeating many of their members that attacked him, Spider-Man fought all of the goons as they attack with with kitchen utensils until he defeated all of them with his iron spider-legs before the New York City Police Department had arrived at the crime scene.

Spider-Man greeting Bristow and New York City Police Department

Once the NYPD officers came to Spider-Man for the report, he told them which one of the goons were the runner, the buyer, the seller, and the snitch before the goon was mortified for being called the snitch. After he finished the report, Officer Bristow asked Spider-Man if he's going to be the next Iron Man but he sarcastically told him that he can't because he's too busy doing the police's jobs. As the whole group of police officers laughed at Spider-Man's joke, he then told them that he was only kidding but seriously talked to them about doing their jobs, noting he will go on vacation.[1]


"Yeah, so he's the first in command, he's pretty much just a runner, and that's the buyer, that's the seller and that's the snitch... I'm sorry, he's not... You should probably put him in his own cell."
Spider-Man to Bristow[src]

In the wake of the ambush on the Manfredis, J. Jonah Jameson from The Daily Bugle commented on the outlet that New York City's Mafia Cold War had gone hot thanks due Spider-Man's intervention, accusing the wall-crawler from having endangered civilian lives and sass the brave NYPD officers upon his arrival. The Daily Bugle also speculated that Spider-Man likely took down the Manfredis under directions from a rival mob.[2]