"They've taken your pier. Butchered your men. They've given you two choices, serve or die. I'm here to give you a third."
Danny Rand to Hai-Qing Yang[src]

The Attack on the Hand's Brooklyn Warehouse was an assault of Hand's main New York City facility executed by Danny Rand, Colleen Wing and Yangsi Gonshi to dismantle the Hand's heroin operation and rescue Radovan Bernivig.


"You can fight. I'll give you that. But the Hand is legion. Why attack now? Why do you think you can even the odds against our enemies?"
"Because I have heard Madame Gao's plans for you. And if you do nothing, you'll all be dead by the end of the week. You don't know me but the Hand does. And they fear me. With you and your men by our side they'll fear you, too."
Hai-Qing Yang and Danny Rand[src]
In order to investigate Hand's activities, Danny Rand came to Harold Meachum and gave him the Hand's tablet. They found numbers and shipments on heroin. Looking through the files, they learned that there was a warehouse where the Hand might possibly be manufacturing their drugs. Rand was certain that Radovan Bernivig was there and wanted to save him. Meachum advised Rand that he needed an army.

Rand and Colleen Wing went to had a talk with and his gang. They tried to convince them that they can fight together and end the Hand's operation. Yang doubted that they'll succeed and questioned why they should attack now. Rand explained that he had heard about Gao's intention to wipe the Yangsi Gonshi out. Also Rand further pressed that the Hand feared him and joining force swith him, they'll fear them too.[5]


"Where did she go? Radovan, please. Where is she?"
Iron Fist and Radovan Bernivig[src]
Hai-Qing Yang accepted offer and joined them, arming his men with firearms and entering the warehouse through a back elevator to the kitchen. Wing subdued a few henchmen and followed Rand to a backroom, where they found Bernivig bound to a chair and barely alive. Moving in and out of consciousness and hardly able to speak, he told them that he gave Gao the recipe for producing Steel Serpent heroin. Bernivig also disclosed that she was migrating to Anzhou, China before dying.

As Wing looked to Rand, she noticed that he appeared shocked. When asking what was wrong, he informed her that Anzhou was where his family's plane was headed before it had crashed.[5]


"I'm going to China. This factory, it's in Anzhou. It's where we were headed when my plane crashed. My father, he never visited the foreign sites. He must've suspected something was going on."
Danny Rand[src]

Regrouping with Wing and Claire Temple, Rand declared his intention to go to China. He explained that there was a Hand factory in Anzhou and he was convinced that it was not a coincidence that he and his parents were heading there and it led to the plane crashing. Temple warned that his plan was reckless and it could be a trap. Rand insisted if there was even a small chance that he'll get the answer to his questions over the accident, he must take it. The group went on Rand's private jet and headed to China.[6]


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