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"I was prepared to guard this vessel for the next 73 years, 261 days. But I now must calculate your best chances of survival. An extremely difficult computation, considering the circumstance."

The Attack on the Chronicom Vessel was a planned attack orchestrated by the Confederacy that was aimed at destroying the Chronicom Vessel housing a cryogenically-frozen Leo Fitz.


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During Leo Fitz' mission to travel to the future to rescue his friends, the ship found itself being attacked by the Confederacy. Enoch, who was protecting Fitz, apologized to Fitz for the disruption in the journey, as the ship then found itself cut in two. Fitz and Enoch were able to escape from the ship alive and tried to find a way to continue their original mission, unaware it had been achieved by another Fitz.[1]


Trok managed to acquire half of a Chronicom Vessel from the attack. Trok inspected the ship's fuel lines and found out there was still fuel in it. Leo Fitz and Enoch eventually made their way to Sivos where they joined Viro on the Lazy Comet, Fitz disgusting himself as a Sivian.[1] They continued to work on the ship until they were caught, resulting in Fitz and Enoch freeing the workers and killing Viro.[2]


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