"The whole neighborhood is yapping about how Zip and two goons got the beat down at Genghis Connie's last night."
"Hmm. I heard it was four guys."
"I knew it had to be you."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]

The Attack on Zip's Gang was an attempt by Luke Cage to protect Connie and Jin Lin from Stokes Crime Family enforcer Zip and his gang.


"Zip, give her some space."
"I don't like the thugs."
"You need them for security."
"They scare people."
"They pass out flyers, get contributions, tributes."
Cornell Stokes and Mariah Dillard[src]

Zip and his gang were tasked to be bodyguards for Mariah Dillard by Cottonmouth. She complained about the thugs following her around, scaring everyone. Stokes reminded her that they are there to protect her, hand out flyers and get contribution tributes. Actually, they threatened people in order to obtain a contribution for Mariah Dillard's New Harlem Renaissance.[3]


"Show Mariah Dillard some love. Contribute and we'll go away."
Zip to Connie and Jin Lin[src]
Cage strong face

Luke Cage takes a punch from Amos

Witnessing the gang haggle and threaten Connie Lin and Jin Lin to give them contribution to Dillard's project, Luke Cage steps into the restaurant and questioned the situation. When Zip and his men view him as a threat, each man initiated a confrontation. Throwing a powerful punch to Cage's face, Amos's wrist snaps before he is lifted and tossed throw the window onto the sidewalk. Zip tries to subdue Cage but is unsuccessful, being slammed across a table. Wielding a pistol to Cage and firing rounds, Koko watched as the bullets did not penetrate his skin. Gripping the barrel of the gun, Koko fired another bullet, halted and collapsed to floor. He is knocked down by a table. After witnessing Cage bend the weapon like rubber, Sugar frantically left the establishment, proclaiming that he was not with them and evaded injury.[3]


"After what I did at Genghis Connie's, for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace. I made a decision when I got back to the crib. I'm done running."
"Boys run. Men stand. You're a man."
"I am who I am. Or maybe I have a chance to find out who I could really be."
Luke Cage and Pop[src]

Having watched the fight progress, Jin and Connie pulled out their earnings for that night and rewarded Cage for his help; even when they had offered to hire him for security, Cage declined the offer and the money, stating he was not for hire. He did, however, grant his services to them if they were to ever be in trouble.[3][4]


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