"Fisk shanked Fisk. He bribed some lifer to stab him."
"He set the whole thing up?"
"The guy sliced him up just good enough to convince the feds."
Vic Jusufi and Matt Murdock[src]

The Attack on Wilson Fisk was a planned attempt by Wilson Fisk to liberate himself out of Ryker's Island. Fisk bribed his fellow inmate Jasper Evans to stab him in order to convince FBI to place him to Presidential Hotel.


For several months, incarcerated Wilson Fisk had planned his release from Ryker's Island. As part of his plan, he agreed to speak to Ray Nadeem who was assigned to confront him in order to check on activities. Fisk noticed his infliction and decided to make a deal with him that he could give away the Albanian Syndicate locations in order to get charges against Vanessa Marianna dropped. Fisk gave them information about Mother Teresa and his current location.

Using Fisk's lead, task squad of the FBI agents, led by Nadeem stormed residence owned by Albanians and suddenly surrendered all criminals. They decided not to resist and agents handcuffed and captured their targets. Also, the FBI confiscated all Albanians' documents and data. These data allowed them to bag corrupt officials hired by Albanians, including several judges and police members.[3]


Wilson Fisk S3 - 02

Wilson Fisk after getting stabbed by Jasper Evans

"I have suddenly become a target within these walls here. Do you understand? I'm helping you to help Vanessa. I can't do either of those things if I'm dead."
Wilson Fisk to Ray Nadeem[src]

As the next part of his plan, Wilson Fisk bribed his fellow inmate Jasper Evans to stab him in front of other inmates and cameras.[4] While using the jail gym, Evans pretended to be a member of Albanian Syndicate who wanted revenge for snitching. Evans then stabbed Fisk before he was mercifully beaten and almost killed by him. Fisk was met with Nadeem which Fisk wanted to leave prison in order to survive to which Nadeem had no choice but keep him away from prison.[3]


"Fisk's imprisonment would continue at a private location under the constant supervision of the FBI."
"That's house incarceration, usually reserved for white-collar criminals awaiting trial."
"He was shanked by another inmate hours ago."
"Good. He's a cop killer."
Tammy Hattley, Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina[src]

Gaining access to Fisk's leads, FBI decided to place him to Presidential Hotel where his imprisonment would continue under the constant supervision and protection. SAC Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem arranged a meeting with DA Blake Tower and Commissioner Chris DiMolina and presented them their solution. Nadeem insisted that Fisk's information about New York criminal underworld can save multiple innocent lives. Tower then agreed and FBI prepared to escort Fisk to the hotel. However, en route to the hotel, the convoy was ambushed by Albanians who managed to kill nine federal agents and attempted to kill Fisk. Fisk was saved by Agent Benjamin Poindexter who killed enemies and transported Fisk to hotel.[3]


Jasper Evans is killed by Benjamin Poindexter

Fisk then kept my side of the bargain and used his contacts in prison to liberate Evans. Matt Murdock who learned about the attack, infiltrated into Ryker's Island in order to get information about it. Vic Jusufi informed him about Evans and Fisk's plan.[4] Murdock and Karen Page managed to find Evans and get him to the New York Bulletin Building to testify against Fisk before he was assassinated by Poindexter in Daredevil's Suit who actioned under Fisk's orders.[5]


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