"It's a CIA Safe House, Frank."
"Bennett must have run to Orange."
"Be careful. Happy hunting."
Micro and Punisher[src]

The Attack on William Rawlins was an failed assassination attempt on William Rawlins by the Punisher.


"We're tied into his phone. Three minutes."
Micro to Punisher[src]

In order to find Agent Orange, Frank Castle and Micro organized mission in order to infiltrate into the Fort Bryon where Colonel Morty Bennett was stationed. Castle successfully got to Bennett and threatened him while Micro downloaded tracker at Bennett's phone. However, William Rawlins and Billy Russo prepared to possible attack and Russo with team of Anvil operatives ambushed before download was completed.

Using smoke screen, Castle non-lethaly knocked down operatives. Then, download of tracker was completed and Castle escaped. Avoided United States Army soldiers, Castle managed to get to the van and Micro drove him away. Meanwhile, Russo transported Bennett out of danger to CIA Safe House.[5]


The Punisher Sep 22 Promo 1

Punisher takes aim on William Rawlins

"One batch. Two batch. Penny and dime."

Using tracker, Micro learned that Bennett was transported out of Fort Bryon. Then Punisher and Micro tracked him to the CIA Safe House. Castle prepared his sniper rifle to find his target. Finally, he spotted William Rawlins who came close to window. Castle took his advantage and took a single shot right in the direction of Orange's head. However, she survived because window's glass was bulletproof. The whole compound went to full alert and Castle and Micro managed to escape.[5]


"I've been running the image from your scope. Found him."
"Holy shit. Yeah, you did."
"William "Bill" Rawlins III. He's the Director of Covert Operations for the CIA. Now it's starting to make sense."
Micro and Frank Castle[src]

Using the image from Castle's sniper rifle scope, Micro ran it through facial recognition software. Then Agent Orange was identified as William Rawlins, Director of Covert Operations for the CIA.[6]


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