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"I'm sorry for... I'm sorry for all of it. Please, whatever you do, Dad, don't pick up the Fistigons."
―Future Chase Stein to Victor Stein[src]

The Attack on Victor Stein was an attempt by Janet Stein to prevent her husband from killing their son.


Having spent years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Janet Stein began an affair with friend Robert Minoru, who after the death of his daughter, became estranged with his wife. Janet planned to finally leave Victor, but was afraid on how he would react. Understanding Victor's violent nature, Robert gave Janet a firearm, in case of an outburst.[4]

Unknown to Janet, Victor was suffering a brain tumor, slowly killing him. While showing to Chase his new invention, a time machine, Victor confided in him about the tumor.[5] Becoming suspicious about his wife, Victor hacked into her phone, where he learned of her affair. Victor decided to get his revenge by publicly announcing the scandal at the PRIDE Gala, humiliating both Robert and Janet as well as Tina Minoru in the process. Finishing his speech, Victor succumbed to the tumor. However, he was resurrected by Jonah, a side effect of the resurrection increasing his Dopamine dramatically, freeing him of his abusive behavior, only for Dale Yorkes to discover the dopamine increase wears off over time.[4]


Victor Stein observing his son working

Several days later, Victor's dopamine levels returned to normal, with him resuming his abusive behavior. Coming home and finding Chase working on the Fistigons in his laboratory, Victor coldly reminded him that he was not allowed to be in his lab. Chase attempted to remind Victor that they had built the Fistigons together and therefore he was allowed to use the lab. Victor then scolded Chase, telling him that he had paid for the resources and put his time into the project and therefore the Fistigons were his.

Janet Stein shoots her husband to save her son

Chase became emotional and tried to leave the room, but Victor attacked Chase, only for Chase to punch his father, who promptly put of the Fistigons and shot his son. As Chase pleaded for mercy, Janet arrived and seeing what was happening, took out Robert's gun and shot her husband, who fell to the ground.[1]


"You're gonna sacrifice Victor?"
"That would be of little use. No, no, no, no. I intend to do the opposite. I'm gonna revive him the way I get revived."
Janet Stein and Jonah[src]
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