"Anyway, he and his daughter were attacked outside a restaurant last night. He's in a coma at Riverbank Hospital, think it might be a kidnapping attempt."
Mitchell Ellison to Karen Page[src]

The Attack on Rostam Kazemi was a kidnapping attempt organized by Wilson Fisk in an attempt to eliminate Rostam Kazemi.


"Six months ago, one of these shell companies buys the Presidential Hotel from Kazemi. A week ago, he tells his family that he regrets the sale and announces his intention to buy the hotel back."
Karen Page to Mitchell Ellison[src]
Being incarcerated in Ryker's Island, Wilson Fisk made a plan to make his way out of prison. Using his law firm Donovan and Partners, he contacted his shell companies. Fisk used them to secretly purchase the Presidential Hotel that was owned by Rostam Kazemi. Kazemi agreed to sell the hotel and Fisk began his preparations. However, Kazemi regretted the sale and announced his intentions to buy the hotel back to his family.[3]


Devil of New York

Daredevil returns to New York

"We were walking to the car, and these two men grabbed my father. They tried to put him into this van to kidnap him. We only got away because the other guy attacked him."
"What other guy? You said there's another guy?"
"Yeah. He came out of nowhere. He had this black mask over his face."
Neda Kazemi and Karen Page[src]
Fisk learned about Kazemi's intentions and found out that it could be a problem to his plans. He secretly ordered the criminal gang to kidnap Kazemi and his daughter Neda Kazemi. However, they were attacked by a man in a black mask. One of the kidnappers tried to strangle him but was beaten out of the truck. While Daredevil could stand, kidnappers tried to abduct Kazemis again. Daredevil then shut the truck and punched them, while Kazemis managed to run away. Kidnappers then beat Daredevil down because he hadn't recovered enough. While Daredevil laid on the ground, kidnappers decided to leave him instead of killing him. Then Daredevil threw them a stick and got down on his knees waited them to beat him. Before they could do something, The New York City Police Department arrived and they decided to run away. Daredevil than did the same.[4]


Karen Interviewing Neda Kazemi

Neda Kazemi is questioned by Karen Page

"The men who did this are in police custody for another crime. You head down to the 15th Precinct right now, you can identify them."
Daredevil to Neda Kazemi[src]
Neda brought his father to Riverbank Medical Center to recover where he was in a coma. New York Bulletin learned about the attack and Karen Page went to the hospital to interview her. Not without doubts, Neda told her about a man in a black mask who saved her and Kazemi. Finding out is, Page realized that Matt Murdock can be alive.
Ambush at the Chris French Cleaners

Daredevil arriving at the Chris French Cleaners

Meanwhile, Murdock managed to track down the kidnappers to Chris French Cleaners, where they were located. In his black mask, Murdock beat all of them and called NYPD to arrest them. Then he went to the hospital and said Neda to testify against them in the 15th Precinct Police Station.[5]


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