"I swore that I'd give anything to save you. Then I hit the street... and I died. And there's nothing. It's just darkness. Then I heard a voice. It was asking me if I wanted a second chance, did I want to punish those who hurt my brother, did I want to avenge my own death. I answered, "Yes. More than anything, yes." And I was alive again. And you're right. There was someone there when I came to. But it wasn't a Good Samaritan. It was the Devil. Whatever was inside him, he passed it into me."
Robbie Reyes[src]

The Attack on Robbie and Gabe Reyes was the attempt to murder Eli Morrow, planned by Joseph Bauer. As both Bauer and Morrow were obsessed by the Darkhold, Bauer hired the Fifth Street Locos to kill Morrow in a hit-and-run. By a twist of fate, however, the Fifth Street Locos instead attacked Robbie and Gabe Reyes, who were driving Morrow's car.

After leaving them for the dead when the car crashed, Johnny Blaze arrived on the scene, and imbued Robbie with the Spirit of Vengeance, making him the new Ghost Rider. Gabe, on the other hand, was just lucky enough to come out with his life, as he had sustained a spinal injury severe enough that it rendered him paraplegic.


"It wasn't supposed to be you boys. Joe hired that gang to take out Eli."
Lucy Bauer to Robbie Reyes[src]

Joseph and Lucy Bauer became obsessed with the Darkhold, a book containing endless knowledge. The two decided to create an experiment where they could create matter from nothing. Eli Morrow grew greedy and sought out to obtain the Darkhold for himself. In order to prevent him from doing so, Joseph hired the Fifth Street Locos to kill him. [2]


Robbie Reyes is caught stealing the Hell Charger

"Ordenar los puntos intermedios en un par de niños hace unos años? Dos hermanos, sólo niños navegaban por el barrio, Locos de la Quinta Calle enrollado, los rociaron con balas, encendió el coche en llamas y los dejaron morir!"
"Sí, recuerdo eso, también escucharon esos niños vivían bien?"
"Y uno de ellos nunca caminará![3]"
Robbie Reyes and Santino Noguera[src]

One night, Robbie Reyes sought to win a street race in Los Angeles against a Fifth Street Locos gang member in Eli Morrow's car. He was caught stealing the vehicle by Gabe Reyes but managed to convince him to accompany him in the car.

As they drove off, a van with Fifth Street Locos gangsters followed them. While driving, Robbie and Gabe began discussing that Morrow wasn't himself due to difficulties at Momentum Labs, saying that his boss was insane, while also making remarks about how confident Robbie was in the upcoming street race.

Robbie Reyes and Gabe Reyes get into a car crash

The same van drove past them and stopped in front of them at a red light. The Fifth Street Locos members revealed themselves and set the car on fire. Robbie managed to drive away from the van and remove the fire. A second car chased them, pulled alongside them and shot both Robbie and Gabe. Robbie lost control of the car and crashed in the middle of the freeway. During the crash, Robbie was flung out of the vehicle and died upon impact to the street, while Gabe had lost the use of his legs.

Johnny Blaze resurrects Robbie Reyes

When Robbie was flung, he had silently prayed to anyone that could have been listening that Gabe was spared. A voice had heard him and replied to his prayers. The same person had arrived on a motorcycle, pulled Gabe out of the car and resurrected Robbie back to life, but imbuing him with the Spirit of Vengeance that would transform him into a flaming, demonic skeleton-like being known as the Ghost Rider.[4]


"¿Quién lo ordenó? ¿Quién?"
"Mis carnales nunca me lo dijeron, y nunca me lo dirán, porque después de ese día todos terminaron muertos. Cada miembro de Calle Cinco, quemados."
"No, todavía queda uno.[5]"
Robbie Reyes and Santino Noguera[src]

The day following Robbie's transformation into Ghost Rider, a furious Reyes killed all the members of the Fifth Street Locos.[2]

Joseph Bauer, along with his wife Lucy, Frederick, Hugo and Vincent were all, through Bauer's experiment transformed into spiritual entities after Eli Morrow attempted to kill them, leading to his arrest.[4]

Ghost Rider burning Santino Noguera to death

During the South Ridge Penitentiary Riot where S.H.I.E.L.D. and Reyes broke out Morrow, Reyes found Santino Noguera, the sole surviving member of the now-defunct Fifth Street Locos. Reyes took it upon himself to unleash the Ghost Rider, who - wanting vengeance for Gabe's paralysis - then incinerated him in his cell.[2] Robbie later confessed the origins of how he became the Ghost Rider to Gabe, telling him of how Johnny Blaze resurrected him from the dead.[4]


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