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"Let me reason with you! Mad respect, yeah? You're a hard man to kill! You can't burn. You can't drown. So why fight? Before someone you care about gets killed, just give me who I came for."
Bushmaster to Luke Cage[src]

The Attack on Rand Enterprises Research Facility was an successful attempt by Luke Cage and Misty Knight to fight and arrest Bushmaster for his crimes.


"Mariah Dillard. I know exactly where she is. Is that offer still good?"
"Mariah Stokes. And, yes, it is."
Nandi Tyler and Bushmaster[src]

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"Fine, war it is!"

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"Look, man, I'm so sorry about the office."
"Oh, seriously, don't worry about it. It's not even mine anymore. I mean, it is, but I'm not running the day-to-day, so it's fine."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

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