"Stay away from me. Stay away from my clients."
"No. You're a ticking time bomb."
"Keep telling me who I am, I dare you."
Jessica Jones and Pryce Cheng[src]

The Attack on Pryce Cheng was an attempt by Jessica Jones to intimidate rival private investigator Pryce Cheng.


"What did you say Mrs. Bellchinso said?"
"Mrs. Belenka. Just that she's going another way."
"Lame code for "found a different PI." Wanna guess who it is?"
"Cheng. He stole our damn client?"
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

After going through a series of possible clients at Alias Investigations Office, Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse were visited by Pryce Cheng. During his time, he requested to employ Jones and absorb Alias Investigations.[1]


Jones confronting Cheng

Jessica Jones confronting Pryce Cheng

"You don't know shit about me."
"Oh, yeah? Let me take a stab at it. Few weeks of college, a lot of McJobs. Half-ass work as a PI, drinking your demons down, till one day you meet a hapless British clown, then murder the guy."
Pryce Cheng and Jessica Jones[src]
Jessica Jones paid Cheng Consulting Management a visit, walking Felipe into Pryce Cheng's office. Excitingly, the client embraced his pet, questioning Jones' methods and Cheng's miscommunication. While Cheng confessed that he was unable to locate the dog due to his client's wife's boyfriend, Jones admitted that she cared less and managed to reclaim Felipe, to whom the client had custody, and presented him with a business card for Alias Investigations.
Jessica Jones S2 Cheng Beaten Up

Pryce Cheng is attacked by Jessica Jones

As Jones was prepared to leave, Cheng made advances in taunting her over her methods of investigation, going as far as to mention killing a man. Despite being tossed and bleeding from the assaults by Jones, he continued to upset her further to the point that she holds restraint from delivering a final punch. With co-workers phoning the police, Jones was cuffed and brought to the courthouse.[1]


Jones, Walker and Griffin

Jessica Jones is released thanks to Trish Walker and Griffin Sinclair

"I got a better idea. How about I hire you instead? I'm gonna sue her."
"Oh, God. Blood from a stone. She drinks her profits."
"I don't care. Seriously. She got off way too easy. Okay? She pled out guilty to the assault charge. So now I'm putting her out of business."
Pryce Cheng and Jeri Hogarth[src]
Bailed out at the courthouse by Trish Walker, Jones spoke with her and Griffin Sinclair over her fear that learning more about IGH worsens her loss of control.

Meanwhile, Pryce Cheng sought Jeri Hogarth once more at her office, in which he expressed suing Jones and Alias Investigations for his injuries and damages.[1]


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