"Bill Norris. Don't remember him?"
"Sorry, I don't look down before I flush."
"Ooh, you got a real mouth on you, girl. I'mma stick something in it."
Mortimer Norris and Misty Knight[src]

The Attack on Misty Knight was a confrontation between combined forces of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing and Mortimer Norris.


Previously, Detective Misty Knight managed to arrest local criminal Bill Norris. Norris was sent to Dannemora Penitentiary. His brother, Mortimer Norris was looking for revenge. Years later, Knight lost her arm in conflict with Hand. She had some training with Colleen Wing and then they went for drinks at nearby bar.[3]


"Morty, is it? You need to swim you and your whack-ass game back over there."
"No, I'm right where I need to be. You that bitch that sent my brother to Dannemora."
"You know, that's the second time somebody's called me a bitch today. And it's gonna be the last."
Misty Knight and Mortimer Norris[src]
LCS2 - Misty & Colleen (Confrontation)

Norris confronts Knight and Wing

Norris was in a bar too with several of his friends when he noticed Knight and Wing at the bar. At first acting like he was attracted to Knight, Norris soon revealed his reason for approaching her and called her a "bitch". Norris attacked her with cue, Knight managed to fight him back. However, because she had just one arm Norris slapped her. Norris' friends joined the fight and Knight confronted them. Also, Wing joined the fight and with her help, Knight defeated their enemies.[3]


"Somebody got their swagger back."
"What you know about swagger?"
"Borrowed Danny's iPod."
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight[src]
Later, Knight received an official envelope decorated with the Rand Enterprises insignia. Inside is a personal message from Wing and Danny Rand, and a prototype blueprint for a robotic prosthetic arm, which Misty ultimately accepted.[4]


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