The Attack on Melissa Bowen was an ambush by Ashlie as ordered by Peter Scarborough, in order to blackmail and kill Tandy Bowen.


Ashlie, an assassin employed by Peter Scarborough of the Roxxon Corporation, was sent to kill Tandy Bowen before she could reveal his involvement in the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform.[5]


Tandy Bowen arrived home to find that Ashlie was there with her mother, Melissa Bowen. Claiming that Peter Scarborough sent his regards, Ashlie opened fire, forcing Tandy to hide. Ashlie held Melissa at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her unless Tandy gave herself up. [6] Melissa stabbed Ashlie with a knife, giving Tandy the opportunity to attack. Tandy managed to stab Ashlie with one of her Lightforce Daggers, forcing Ashlie to retreat.[5]


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