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"You can't keep doing what you're doing."
"Kicking ass and shutting down drug labs?"
Tom Ridenhour and Luke Cage[src]

The Attack on Luke Cage Heroin Warehouse was an attempt by Luke Cage to take down a group of dealers distributing a variety of heroin named after him.


"Yo, I got that Luke Cage. That Luke Cage. Shit is bulletproof."
―Drug Dealer[src]

When Luke Cage defeated Diamondback and came back from prison, he became of hero to Harlem community. Cage spent much of his time protecting Harlem from crime and enjoyed his celebrity status. Many people of Harlem admired him and went to him for protection or to take a photo. Dave Griffith sold T-shirts inspired by Cage in Pop's Barber Shop. However, someone has started selling drugs imprinted with Cage's name on it. This had the effect of damaging his reputation.[3]


"Really, guys?"
"Hey, he gotta know we tried, man."
Luke Cage and Drug Dealer[src]

Luke Cage fights off multiple drug dealers

At end of the day, Luke Cage has hunted down one of the grow houses that are supplied with a drug with hid name. Cage goes into the growth house and stealthily infiltrated the men that are guarding the core doors. Cage managed to take down the guards and entered the room with multiple men and women that making the drug. The women ran away from Cage as the thugs stand guard with their firearms. Cage commented on one of the drug dealers on how he and his men are using guns. The drug dealer responded with a remark by his associate would know they at least tried to fight Cage.

LC201 AACA Jacket (Luke Walking)

Luke Cage walks away from the growth house

Cage began to prepare himself with setting up his music to listen to while fighting drug dealers. Cage disarmed multiple drug dealers and attacking them with throwing them across the room and slamming them on the table. As one of them was knocked, Cage interrogated him to never put his name without consent or send harm to others. Terrified, the drug dealer quickly ran away from Cage, as one of his customers were waiting for the drug. The drug dealer ran next to the customer in a state of fear, as the customer looked at him suspiciously. Unbeknownst to him, Cage walks up to the customer undetected and scared him off.[3]


"So you actually said, "What's my name?""
"Yeah. Reclaimin' the streets. Let them know."
"What does that even mean exactly?"
"That my name is my name. I control it, not them."
Claire Temple and Luke Cage[src]

Sometime after, while Luke Cage and Bobby Fish were in the barber shop, D.W. entered after coming back from a funeral. More people were dying from the heroin with Cage's name. Despite his friend's pleas, Cage didn't have enough leads besides the name El Tercero. With help from D.W. and Fish, they were able to deduce that their target was Arturo Rey III, whose birth name was Gomez. With this new lead, Cage headed to Harlem's Paradise.[3]


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