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"I think you're sitting alone in the dark, Sheriff. You got wolves all around you. And I think you know it."
Frank Castle to Roy Hardin[src]

The Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station was a failed kidnapping and assassination attempt executed by John Pilgrim and Marlena Olin's Crew.


"Trouble's coming, Sheriff."
"Why is that, exactly?"
"The people who paid her, they're gonna want this cleaned up. They're gonna want it done quickly."
Frank Castle and Roy Hardin[src]

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"You ever, like, see that Western, where the guy comes to town, turns out he's, like, the devil or death or something?"
"Hell, who gives a shit? Long as he's on our side."
Dobbs and Bruce Ogden[src]

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"Sheriff, Mr. Castiglione here is part of a very sensitive Homeland Security investigation."
"Is that right?"
"I would like it if he was never here. Officially."
Dinah Madani and Roy Hardin[src]

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