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"I think you're sitting alone in the dark, Sheriff. You got wolves all around you. And I think you know it."
Frank Castle to Roy Hardin[src]

The Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station was a failed kidnapping and assassination attempt executed by John Pilgrim and Marlena Olin's Crew.


"Trouble's coming, Sheriff."
"Why is that, exactly?"
"The people who paid her, they're gonna want this cleaned up. They're gonna want it done quickly."
Frank Castle and Roy Hardin[src]

In the wake of the ambush at the Tides Motel, Frank Castle and Amy Bendix was taken into the Larkville County Sheriff Station where they were asked to explain what had happened. Bendix told Sheriff Roy Hardin about how Castle had taken her at gunpoint and tied her onto the bed for hours, but Hardin was unconvinced, as he had questioned exactly what Bendix knew about why Castle was fighting against Marlena Olin's mercenaries. Despite Bendix trying to justify her innocence, Hardin had still appeared unconvinced over how much she knew. Once Hardin went into the interrogation room to meet Castle, he tried to questioned Castle but he refused, leading Hardin to be more skeptical. Following the interrogation by Hardin, Castle, Olin, and Bendix were under procession, as Dobbs and Murphy took down all their fingerprints and a DNA samples.

Having uncovered the name of Pete Castiglione, John Pilgrim and his Tech assistant went to the Good Rest Motel, where he learned Castiglione had paid cash to spend one night at the Motel. While Pilgrim prayed for assistance with his search, his Tech Assistant had eventually informed him that the Larkville Police Department had just arrested Olin, Castiglione, and Bendix in their system.[2]


"You ever, like, see that Western, where the guy comes to town, turns out he's, like, the devil or death or something?"
"Hell, who gives a shit? Long as he's on our side."
Dobbs and Bruce Ogden[src]

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"Sheriff, Mr. Castiglione here is part of a very sensitive Homeland Security investigation."
"Is that right?"
"I would like it if he was never here. Officially."
Dinah Madani and Roy Hardin[src]

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