The Attack on Kevin Page was Todd Neiman's retaliation against Kevin Page burning down his trailer.


Karen and Kevin

Karen Page working at Penny's Place

In the wake of her mother's death, Karen Page became responsible for ensuring that her father, Paxton Page, kept the family diner financially stable. She began dating Todd Neiman, and became overwhelmed by her family. During an argument with Paxton, Karen broke the case which contained the lottery ticket her mother had bought but never scratched. Despite protests from Paxton and Kevin Page, Karen scratched the lottery ticket and discovered it was a losing ticket.

Karen attempted to leave with Neiman, causing Kevin to become upset. Karen and Neiman got high together, and returned to the trailer where Neiman lived, finding it on fire.[1]


"What's the matter with you? I was gonna fix it! I was gonna fix it! You ruined it! Why? Why would you do that? Huh?"
"Because I already lost Mom... Watch out!"
Karen Page and Kevin Page[src]

Karen Page driving away with Kevin Page

Todd Neiman began beating Kevin Page, and hit Karen Page when she tried to help her brother. Karen shot Neiman's gun in the air and told him to get away, shooting him in the shoulder. Todd asked if Karen was crazy, and Karen drove away in Kevin's car.

Driving away, Karen yelled at Kevin, who said that he burned Neiman's trailer out of fear of losing his sister. Karen got distracted, causing the car to flip, killing Kevin.[1]


Karen (episode)

Karen Page talking to her father

Penny's Place temporarily closed as a result of Kevin Page's death. Paxton Page told Karen Page that Todd Neiman was planning on telling the police that Karen was not involved, thinking that their family had been through enough. Karen offered to pay for funeral arrangements for Kevin, but Paxton instead asked her to leave, saying he didn't want her around.[1] They relationship was permanently damaged. Years later, Karen called and asked to visit Paxton, who turned her down, still upset with her.[2]


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