"Someone who's chasing the girl, photographs. It's time to start talking."
"I'm not the one who's gonna be talking."
Punisher and Kazan[src]

The Attack on Kazan's Gym was an attempt by the Punisher to extract information about Nikolai Poloznev from the Russian Mafia.


"Konchevsky and his crew work out of Kazan's Gym in Brooklyn. They are not good people. You want to take 'em all out, the gym is the place."
Turk Barrett to Frank Castle[src]

Punisher tells Turk Barrett to go to Kazan's Gym

While shutting up his Shop late in the evening, Turk Barrett returned to his car and prepared to head home; however, when he checked his mirror, he found that the Punisher was sat in his back seat. The Punisher had then explained that he was only interested in finding the Russian Mafia, believing that Barrett could assist him with this as he used to supply Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov with guns. Once the Punisher clarified that he was specifically looking for Sergei Konchevsky, Barret admitted that he knew who Konchevsky was. When the Punisher told Barret that he wanted to have a meeting with Konchevsky, Barrett then informed the Punisher that Konchevsky had worked with Kazan at his Gym and it was the place to go, since they would not be carrying guns there. The Punisher offered Barret a large sum of money if he would make contact with the Russians, leading them into an agreement.[2]


Turk Barrett getting attacked by the Russian

"I think you're in the wrong place, my friend."
"Yeah, well, I wonder what was waiting for me at Turk's, huh? What could that be?"
"What does the Punisher have to do with my business in Chicago?"
―Kazan and Punisher[src]

Following the Punisher's instructions, Turk Barrett had then made his way into Kazan's Gym, where he was kidnapped by a thug after Kazan informed him that somebody had murdered Sergei Konchevsky while he had been in Chicago. While the Punisher went back to Dinah Madani's Apartment, he was called up by Barret after he followed him going to the gym. With Barrett having been captured by the Russian Mafia, he was forced by Kazan to contact the Punisher, pretending that his meeting with the Russians had gone to plan and that Kazan wanted to get all of the photos and Amy Bendix. The Punisher accepted Barret's offer and went down into his Shop, despite knowing that he was lying anyway.

Punisher asking about Sergei Konchevsky

While Kazan sent most of his thugs to the shop in order to ambush the Punisher, he went to the gym, as predicted that the shop would be the end of him. Kazan questioned if the Punisher was the one responsible for killing Konchevsky, but the Punisher denied this. When the Punisher demanded answers about what had been going on, Kazan instead turned to his thugs and ordered them to subdue him, all without killing him. Ready to beat up Kazan's thugs, the Punisher had used skill and speed to avoid the blow of a Russian thug and struck into his kneecap, before grabbing ahold of the thug's jaw and smashing his face onto the floor.

Punisher fighting against the Russians

The Punisher was then pushed by Vor, but pushed another thug into a barbell before being grabbed by one of Kazan's men. The Punisher was punched in the face but escaped from the thug's grasp and attacked them before being trashed against the ground. Looking for something to defend himself with, the Punisher attacked Kazan's men with a handle weight and brutally them down. The Punisher knocked down by bench and got up to see a thug throwing the bench at him, dodging it before spotting a dumbbell. The Punisher began throwing dumbbells at Kazan's men until he was punched in the face.

Punisher getting overpowered by the Russian

Running away from a thug, the Punisher used barbell to hit the thug in the face and rest on the weights. The Punisher then saw the Russian thug with a barbell and tried to use that as a weapon, which the Punisher blocked. The Punisher used the weight to break another one of Kazan's men's kneecaps and knocked him out with a punch. The Russian thug then ran at the Punisher and knocked him off his feet. As the Punisher and the Russian regain composure, the two ran at each other and began a furious fight, but the Russian thug gain a clear advantage as the Punisher struggled to keep him at bay and get free himself.

The Russian is beaten down by the Punisher

Once the Russian thug threw the Punisher across the room, the two kept on fighting, leading the Punisher beaten down to the point of barely being able to stand. The Russian thug picked the Punisher up and began furiously hitting his face, until the Punisher was able to grab a hold of weight and used this to hit back at the punch. As the Punisher continued to punch the Russian thug in the face with the weight, he called out to Kazan to talk to him before landing a final blow.

Punisher questions Kazan for answers

Once the fight was concluded, Kazan told the Punisher that he is not the enemy of this situation before being choked with a barbell. The Punisher forced Kazan to confess what the photos had to do with them, revealing that they had been paid by Nikolai Poloznev to take the pictures. The Punisher took a moment to knock out Kazan with the punch once he had the information he needed. The Punisher and Barrett walked away from the gym, as they both claimed that all of their engagement was all part a plan to gain info on the Russian Mafia.[2]


Frank Castle giving an update for Amy Bendix

"Konchevsky's people aren't after us. Somebody came after them. I got a name."
"Nikolai Poloznev."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

Later that night at the Gym, Kazan and the remained Russian Mafia members were executed by John Pilgrim who was sent by Anderson and Eliza Schultz.

As the Punisher rest inside Dinah Madani's Apartment, he gave Amy Bendix the name of the person who paid for the photos, Nikolai Poloznev. Bendix went online to look up Poloznev, and was shocked to discover that he was a former member of the Police of Russia turned wealthy and powerful industrialist. Intending to go after Poloznev, the Punisher and Bendix had then packed up their belongings and departed Madani's apartment.[2]


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