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"I'll get this into the right hands."
"No... You can't, you can't take it to the police. You can't trust anyone!"
"Then we tell everyone."
Masked Man and Karen Page[src]

The Attack on Karen Page was a failed attempt by James Wesley to silence Karen Page before she could expose Wilson Fisk.


"I am telling you we met at the bar, we had a few drinks, and I don't know what happened after that. It wasn't me, please, please you have to believe me. I didn't kill him."
Karen Page[src]

Karen Page, a secretary for Union Allied Construction, opened a file meant for her boss, McClintock, that had been inadvertently emailed to her. The file was marked "Pension Fund" but the amount of money listed was far too big. Suspicious, she made a copy of the file and arranged to meet her co-worker, Daniel Fisher, to discuss it with him. However, she was drugged, Fisher was killed, and she was framed for the murder.

Two lawyers, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, took her case and was able to get her released from jail after a failed attempt on her life. She told Murdock that she did not have a copy of the files, but he didn't believe her.[6]


The Masked Man attacks Rance

"We can't let you go home."
"Please, just..."
"She can stay with me. Just for tonight, until we figure something out. I'll keep you safe, Karen."
Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Matt Murdock[src]

Karen Page entered her apartment in the middle of the night to retrieve a flash drive which contained the pension files for Union Allied Construction, which she knew would show illegal activities. She was attacked by Rance, a hitman who had been sent by James Wesley to retrieve the files and kill her. Rance was easily able to subdue her and take the files, but he was attacked by a man in a black mask.

After Rance was subdued, the man in the black mask took the flash drive and promised to get it to the authorities. But Page warned him not to take it to the police, telling him that they couldn't trust anyone. Instead, the man delivered a badly beaten Rance and the flash drive to the steps of the New York Bulletin Building.[6]


"Rance was a professional. How was he subdued?"
"I'm looking into it. What about the girl? Should I make the appropriate arrangements for her, along with the others?"
"No. Everything she knows is already in the papers. Her lawyers, Nelson and Murdock."
"Ambulance chasers. They're clean."
"Start a file. They may be of use."
Wilson Fisk and James Wesley[src]

The New York Bulletin published a front page article on the Union Allied Construction scandal. James Wesley had Rance, Clyde Farnum and McClintock killed. Leland Owlsley arranged the financials so that his employer's connection to the scandal would disappear. Wilson Fisk ordered him to open a file on Nelson and Murdock but suggested that there was no need to do anything about Karen Page, as she had already done as much damage as she could.[6]