"There's nowhere to go. They'll find me. They'll... they'll hurt me."
John Raymond to Jessica Jones[src]

The Attack on John Raymond was a confrontation between Jessica Jones and Elektra Natchios that began when missing architect John Raymond broke into her apartment and held Malcolm Ducasse hostage.


"Jessica Jones, do yourself a favor and don't look for John Raymond."
John Raymond to Jessica Jones[src]

Returning to her apartment building, Jessica Jones received a call from Trish Walker about her boss cutting her from speaking about the quakes in Hell's Kitchen. Before she could reply, Jones noticed her apartment-office door ajar and drops her call. Upon first inspection, she concluded that Malcolm Ducasse entered her apartment without consent again. Confronting him, Jones discovers that John Raymond was holding him hostage.

He told her that he warned that to find him, to which Jones agrees that she should have listened. Raymond continued that they were going to kill him and that he did not want his family to be harmed. Despite Jones pleading for him to elaborate, Raymond kept the subjects vague, soon begging Jones to tell his family that he was a good man.[1]


"I told you to stay away."
"Mr. Raymond, trust me. Right now, I wish I'd listened."
John Raymond and Jessica Jones[src]

John Raymond, Jessica Jones, and Malcolm Ducasse started hearing footsteps outside the apartment-office doors. Raymond panicked, saying that they were there to kill him, regretting ever visiting them. The assassin slashed the locks from the door and burst inside, bolting towards Raymond. Raymond released Ducasse and fired shots at Elektra, each deflected until he was lifted from the floor. Before she is could kill him, he taunted that she would not be able to take his life, firing a bullet into his head.[1]


"I was trying to help him."
"But you didn't."
Jessica Jones and Misty Knight[src]

Though Malcolm Ducasse asks if Jessica Jones was okay, she stormed after Elektra, chasing her into the stairwell. Witnessing her speed and agility, Jones attempted to catch her. She pushed through the front doors of her building, glanced around the area to see that she was gone. A voice behind her called out to Jones, revealed to be Detective Knight. Gun wielded, Knight orders Jones to raise her arms and arrests her.

At the precinct, Knight heckled Jones on her negligence in interfering with the city-wide investigation on Raymond and pushed her to reveal what she knew about the case. Jones was, however, stopped by Matt Murdock, whom identified himself as Jones's attorney.[1]


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