"I gave up his name. You don't do that. Not to him."
John Healy to Masked Man[src]

The Attack on John Healy was a confrontation between Masked Man and John Healy.


"I want the 180.80 date. If I'm indicted, which we know I will be, we'll waive all hearings and discovery and go directly to trial.Not my first rodeo, remember?"
"You'll need to testify."
"I'm just gonna have faith in our judicial system and you're gonna do your jobs."
"That simple?"
"That simple. And, uh as for the man who hired you all you need to know is his check's gonna clear."
John Healy and Matt Murdock[src]

James Wesley arrived at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to consult them. He offered them a large sum of money to take the case of John Healy. Not trusting Wesley, Matt Murdock secretly followed him out of the office, but is forced to end the chase after his wounds begin to bleed.

In court, Healy was first defended by Nelson and then Murdock; Healy noted that before Murdock gave his closing argument, Murdock paused for a long time. Nelson had to assure him that Murdock knew what he was doing. Murdock then proceeded to give a long speech determining that the jury did not have enough evidence to convict Healy. The jurors returned with a hung jury, setting Healy free. As the result was being read out, Healy turned to Murdock and complimented him on his impressive speech.[6]


"Tell me! Who does he work for?"
"I can't!"
"I want a name!"
"Oh, God! Fisk! Wilson Fisk!"
Daredevil and John Healy[src]

Following from the day of John Healy's testimony, the Masked Man tracked down and confronted him in an alleyway. The pair began to fight, Healy used objects around him to attack Murdock. After an exhausting fight, Murdock came out as the victor and began questioning Healy on who his employer was. Eventually, Healy claimed it was Wilson Fisk. Healy told Murdock that now that he had revealed Fisk's name, he, his family and his friends would all become targets. Seeing no alternative, Healy called Murdock a coward for not killing him before he slammed his own face into an iron spike, killing him instantly. Murdock could only listen in horror.[6]


"So, what, you're just gonna go out there punching whoever you can, hoping to find somebody who knows this Fisk guy?"
"Well, apply enough pressure, someone will break."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

Matt Murdock began his search for the Russian Mafia leaders, Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. He found Anatoly with some of his men and attacked them. Anatoly barely escaped and Murdock went to Claire Temple to tend to his wounds again.[7]


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