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"A week ago, a village in Mexico was wiped out by a cyclone. Witnesses say that cyclone had a face."
―"Nick Fury" to Spider-Man[src]

The Skirmish in Ixtenco was the first of the Elemental attacks that was orchestrated by Quentin Beck, aimed at gaining the trust of Nick Fury and Maria Hill.


"Nick, this was a tragedy, but it's not why we're here. What, are we fighting the weather now?"
Soren to Talos[src]

In 2024, Nick Fury and Maria Hill went off-world on a Skrull vessel. In order to maintain global security, the two assigned the Skrull spouses Talos and Soren to respectively impersonate them to complete a terrestrial mission, while they took a 'vacation' of sorts. Keeping in line with their ordered aliases, Talos and Soren began following reports of a "cyclone" with a face that destroyed the town of Ixtenco, Mexico.

Unbeknownst to the two Skrulls posing as the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, the Sandman was not a real entity but was merely an illusion of Mysterio's own creation as a part in his plan.[1]


"You don't want any part in this."
Mysterio to Talos and Soren[src]

Talos and Soren fire at Sandman

When Talos and Soren arrived at Ixtenco, under the impersonations of Nick Fury and Maria Hill respectively, they found the town in ruins from a recent storm. Startled by the sudden arrival of Mysterio, they were then taken by surprise with the emergence of Sandman, a large monster made of Earth, which arose and attacked them. Talos and Soren began to fire at Sandman as it roared across the area, inflicting minimal damage. Mysterio then blasted energy from his hands, and after a momentary battle had he seemingly destroyed the monster.[1]


Mysterio works with Nick Fury's Crew

After Mysterio "destroyed" the Elemental, he joined with Talos and Soren, to stop the other three Elementals that were expected to attack in other locations on Earth. Talos was forced to contact Spider-Man for assistance, only to get ignored, resulting in his hijacking of Parker's summer field trip to Europe.[1]