"We have a survivor."
"Tater Tot's wife. Find that bitch and take her ass out."
Mariah Dillard and Shades[src]

The Attack on Ingrid Mackintosh was the Stokes Crime Family's hunt for Ingrid Mackintosh in order to assassinate the last survivor of Massacre at Gwen's. The attack ultimately failed because Luke Cage protected Mackintosh from two Stokes goons and the third, Shades, could not bring himself to kill her due to his horror at the massacre she had survived.


"Alex sent Ricky and Tony to Crown Heights. They're already combing the neighborhood. Meet them there."
Mariah Dillard to Shades[src]

In order to strike out at the Bushmaster, Mariah Dillard with Stokes Crime Family's members went to the Gwen's. They brutally executed all visitors of restaurant including Anansi.[3] However, his wife Ingrid Mackintosh managed to survive the massacre. She was injured but able enough to left Gwen's and find some place to recover.

New York City Police Department with Luke Cage arrived to the Gwen's to find an aftermath of massacre. Later, police learned about survivor and identified the survivor as Ingrid Mackintosh. Knight advised Cage to search information from the three other crime families first. After violently interrogating all three crime families, Cage learned that they did not have anything to do with the massacre. Cage began searching for Mackintosh. He came to the hospital to ask about her, and learned about clinicas where she might be.

Meanwhile, New York Bulletin reporter Karen Page learned about survivor from the inside source. During meeting with press, one of reporters asked Misty Knight about her. Dillard saw this report and understand that Mackintosh must be survivor. Alex Wesley sent Ricky and Tony to Crown Heights to find her and Dillard sent Shades.[1]


Tony vs Cage

Luke Cage interrogates Tony

"I know you, Luke Cage! You've come to take me hostage to lure my nephew."
"Look in my eyes. I'm not here to hurt you. Let's get a move on before Mariah's people come back to finish the job."
Ingrid Mackintosh and Luke Cage[src]

Eventually, Luke Cage managed to locate Ingrid Mackintosh at the Clinica Sonando. After dealing with Ricky and Tony who were trying to find her, Cage talked to Mackintosh and convinced her to follow him. As they attempted to leave, Cage briefly lost sight of Mackintosh. Then Shades arrived to the clinica and drew gun at her. While she begged him for mercy, Shades realized that he was unable to kill her. He left the clinica before Cage found Mackintosh.

Despite Cage's plead, he was unable to convince Mackintosh to tell the police about what happened as she did not want to relieve the massacre. Sympathizing with her plight, he agreed to protect her.[1]


"Thank you for keeping my auntie safe. The kindness will not be forgotten, yeah?"
"Kindness got nothing to do with it. It was the right thing to do."
Bushmaster and Luke Cage[src]

Cage managed to bring Mackintosh to the morgue where Anansi's corpse was located. They found John McIver already there. Mackintosh prevented any hostility from sparking and urged them to talk while she mourned for her husband. McIver expressed his gratitude to Cage for protecting his aunt. Cage urged McIver to walk away but he refused. Cage warned McIver that if he goes after Dillard, he will be there which McIver didn't doubt. Before leaving to comfort his aunt, McIver mused that they could have been friends and he voiced that he did not look forward to another conflict with Cage.[1]


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