"Maybe you really are telling us the truth right now, and you really have no idea what you brought into this company. Maybe you really are just a fool. And Madame Gao can forgive foolishness but not without punishment."
Alexi to Harold Meachum[src]

The Attack on Harold Meachum was a prevented punishment of Harold Meachum through body mutilation executed by Hand.


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"You killed them."
"What choice did I have? They were going to kill you, Danny."
Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

Harold Meachum was visited by Alexi and Vando, who informed him that they were sent by Madame Gao. Despite mentioning that he had no form of contact with the Iron Fist, the men approached Meachum, pressing him to receive some punishment for his actions. Though choosing to have a finger removed, Meachum continued to protest that he never knew whom the Iron Fist was; momentarily, Danny Rand entered the penthouse, calling out to Meachum about a tablet he had obtained from Gao.

Quickly, Meachum disarmed Alexi with the dagger and fought the men, Rand joining the conflict. Subduing the men, Rand watched as Meachum murdered Vando.[5]


"Who are they?"
"Oh, the one without the tongue is Vando. The other guy, I didn't get his name. The Hand sent them over to deliver a message."
"We have to call somebody."
"Yeah, I did. I called you."
Harold Meachum and Ward Meachum[src]

With both Hand members Alexi and Vando dead from the attack, Harold Meachum strategized that he would make a gesture that they had done what needed to be done, deciding to remove his right pinky finger. After Danny Rand left the penthouse, Meachum called Ward Meachum to be there, Meachum placing tarps along the floor as he mutilate the corpses.[5]


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