"We go after him again, I can't use anybody on my payroll. I lost nine of my guys going after Henderson in those woods."
Billy Russo to William Rawlins[src]

The Attack on Gunner Henderson was an armed confrontation between the combined forces Frank Castle and Gunner Henderson and Anvil agents supervised by William Rawlins sent to kill Henderson.


"He's quite something, your man, Gunner. Completely off the grid. You know, no electricity, no phone, no Internet. No running water."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Watching the Kandahar footage, Micro asked Frank Castle who filmed it. Castle revealed that cameraman was Gunner Henderson. Micro decided to find Henderson since he could know Agent Orange's name or other useful information.

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William Rawlins sending out his Anvil soldiers

Using the bug he placed in the head office of Homeland Security, William Rawlins listened tapes and heard Dinah Madani and Sam Stein as they were discussing all of the names of soldiers who suspected to be involved with Cerberus Squad, including Castle and Gunner Henderson. Fearing that Homeland would uncover his involvement in Operation Cerberus, Rawlins decided to assassinate all the last members of Cerberus Squad. As Rawlins watched the mission unfold on his computer screen, he sent a tactical unit of Anvil agents to ambush and assassinate Gunner Henderson.[1]



Punisher fighting against all the Anvil agents

"Whoever you are, I'm coming for you."
Punisher to William Rawlins[src]

Micro found Gunner Henderson in a cabin in Kentucky. Punisher went alone to find Henderson while Micro stayed with the van. When Castle finding the cabin, Henderson shot him with an arrow. He convinced Henderson to talk with him and that he is not a threat. Henderson revealed why he filmed the Assassination of Ahmad Zubair and discovered that Colonel Morty Bennett supervised operation.

Meantime, helicopter with Anvil agents landed in the woods. Assisted by Micro who spotted targets with a drone, Castle and Henderson took out the tactical team. Rawlins, who supervised the operation, discovered that Castle is still alive. Punisher and Henderson were badly wounded. Henderson died of blood loss, and Castle was rescued by Micro, who gave him basic medical treatment and brought him to the hideout.[1]



Sam Stein and Dinah Madani investigating

"I always figured I'd die in these woods anyway."
Gunner Henderson to Frank Castle[src]

Micro asked Curtis Hoyle to help Frank Castle. At the hideout, Hoyle removed the arrow from his shoulder and patched him up.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security was informed by Kentucky State Police that Gunner Henderson has been found dead on a mountain in Kentucky. In Kentucky, they investigated the site of Henderson's death. Madani determined that a gunfight occurred in the woods and that there were probably two men. She takes evidence to be tested for DNA, and discovered that the survivor was Frank Castle.[2]


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