"Destiny Gonzalez. I'm her brother. And I know you and your Church are the reason she was killed."
Oscar Gonzalez to Frank Dean[src]

The Attack on Frank Dean was an ambush by Oscar Gonzalez in order to show his evidence about the Church of Gibborim being responsible for the death of his sister Destiny.


"Word on the street is that your Church has been disappearing kids as long as anybody can remember. One a year, from my math."
Oscar Gonzalez to Frank Dean[src]

For years, the Church of Gibborim and PRIDE, under the supervision of Leslie Dean, sacrificed teenagers in order to revive the Gibborim Jonah. One of the victims of those rituals was Destiny Gonzalez, a young runaway who had left her family behind.[4] When Leslie took a few steps back from the Church, Jonah, who once again needed a sacrifice, asked her husband Frank Dean to find someone to kill, much to Frank's horror. Frank was thus informed of the existence of the nefarious Ultra Project.[5]

Meanwhile, Destiny's brother Oscar gathered several pieces of evidence which led him to also discover the full extent of the Ultra Project. Thus, Oscar went to Los Angeles in an attempt to confront the leaders of the Church of Gibborim. He managed to find Frank near the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, but Frank actually paid little attention to him, thus preventing Oscar from talking to him. Still, Oscar remained determined to make the Church pay for the death of his sister.[3]


"I've been gathering my own evidence. Maybe we can figure out what's going on together."
Frank Dean to Oscar Gonzalez[src]

Oscar Gonzalez waited for Frank Dean to come into a parking lot as he prepared to leave for the PRIDE Construction Site. He then threatened Dean with a gun, explaining who he was and that he wanted to know everything about the Ultra Project and how it had led to the death of her sister. However, Dean claimed that he had been collecting his own evidence regarding the program and offered to ally with Gonzalez in order to share their knowledge. Dean suggested they went in his office to review it, and Gonzalez accepted, lowering his weapon. Nevertheless, Dean still feared Gonzalez's reaction and attempted to remove his gun, triggering a short brawl in which Gonzalez was accidentally killed by his own weapon.[3]


"Aura, Frances, we have a problem. And its name is Leslie Ellerh Dean."
Frank Dean to Aura and Frances[src]

Frank Dean was deeply horrified and traumatized by the death of Oscar Gonzalez. After Frank hid the body in his trunk and, the day after the murder, he went to see his wife Leslie in her office. Frank explained who Gonzalez was and how he had died, requiring Leslie's help. Leslie accepted to call Detective Flores to get rid of the body, but she also revealed that intended to shut down the Church of Gibborim after Jonah's death. This greatly upset Frank, who decided to use Gonzalez's death to his own advantage to stop his wife. Thus, when Leslie met with Flores near Gonzalez's body, Frank secretly took incriminatory pictures of the meeting. He later showed them to Aura and Frances, claiming that Leslie had become a threat to the Church and that they had to stop her.[6]


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