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"We were looking for five million dollars, and it was stupid enough to show up on its own."
"What are you talking about?"
"Someone's had enough of your shit, Castle. Put a bounty on your head."
Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

The Attack on Frank Castle was a failed attack by mercenaries on Frank Castle.


"I think we need to take radical steps. I want you to use your old contacts here, in the city. Set a bounty on Castle and the girl. Turn this city against them."
"It's better that I do it myself."
"It's good that you have such faith in yourself, as do I, but we cannot afford pride at this moment. Castle shot up a city street in broad daylight. We're way past the time for keeping things quiet."
Anderson Schultz and John Pilgrim[src]

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"Someone wants you and some kid. You're gonna take us to her."
"Who are they?"
"Listen, asshole, there's one of you, and six–"
Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

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"There's a contract out on us. Five million. Five million dollars, Curtis. Every asshole in the city is looking for her right now."
Frank Castle to Curtis Hoyle[src]

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