"We were looking for five million dollars, and it was stupid enough to show up on its own."
"What are you talking about?"
"Someone's had enough of your shit, Castle. Put a bounty on your head."
Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

The Attack on Frank Castle was a failed attack by mercenaries on Frank Castle.


"I think we need to take radical steps. I want you to use your old contacts here, in the city. Set a bounty on Castle and the girl. Turn this city against them."
"It's better that I do it myself."
"It's good that you have such faith in yourself, as do I, but we cannot afford pride at this moment. Castle shot up a city street in broad daylight. We're way past the time for keeping things quiet."
Anderson Schultz and John Pilgrim[src]

John Pilgrim offers up a bounty on his targets

Having been unable to complete his mission and obtain the photos of David Schultz, John Pilgrim had met with Anderson Schultz at a driving range to discuss their situation. Schultz then told Pilgrim to use his old contacts within New York City to set a bounty on the Punisher and Amy Bendix, despite Pilgrim telling him that it would be better for him to do the job himself rather come into contact with the Aryan Brotherhood again. However, Schultz simply dismissed all this, telling Pilgrim that while he was glad to see that he still had faith in himself, but could not afford his pride being tested at this moment.[2]


Tipsy Tilly's Bar

The Punisher asking any info from Lanie

"Someone wants you and some kid. You're gonna take us to her."
"Who are they?"
"Listen, asshole, there's one of you, and six–"
Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

Searching for Jigsaw, the Punisher went into Tipsy Tilly's Bar after taking one of the crew member's phone to track down Lanie. Once the Punisher found Lanie, he asked her if they know the location of the crew but was uninterested in the situation until he brought Moke's thumb to unlock the phone and showed the location in case she could give in. Lanie stated her reason of going to the crew's hideout was from Tony's recommendation gave a description of the crew and where they located, leading the Punisher to thank her for her cooperation and set the severed thumb inside a shot glass.


The Punisher corners the group of assassins

As the Punisher left, the Lead Assassin and his crew followed him outside, intending to go question him. When they turned the corner, however, they found that the Punisher had seemingly already managed to get away from them. However, the Punisher simply got behind them and had them cornered, now wearing the Bulletproof Vest. The assassin explained how there was a bounty for five million dollars on the Punisher and Amy Bendix's heads as he had then demanded to know where Bendix currently was.


The Lead Assassin is shot and tortured by the Punisher

Although the Punisher denied all knowledge of Bendix, the assassin drew his gun confidently and stated that there were six men on his crew and only the Punisher, who stood on his own. Despite the lead assassin had his gun equipped, the Punisher quickly drew his sidearm with remarkable speed, killing all of the assassin's crew and even wounding him with a gunshot on the leg. Walking towards the lead assassin, the Punisher put another bullet into his leg and asked for information on the bounty against him.[2]


"There's a contract out on us. Five million. Five million dollars, Curtis. Every asshole in the city is looking for her right now."
Frank Castle to Curtis Hoyle[src]

Now knowing that a bounty is set into place, Frank Castle contacted Curtis Hoyle while trying to find Amy Bendix in the Campervan Hideout. Having been involved with protecting Bendix, Hoyle explained his reasoning of leaving her behind by sending his veterans to track down Jigsaw. When Castle then explained that he had already found Russo's hideout, he told him that Bendix was gone, explained that John Pilgrim had put out his contract for five million dollars onto him and Bendix.

Eventually, Bendix went to Shantel's apartment to change her identity and leave all of her problems with Castle and his actions. When she finally had a phone call with Castle, Bendix advised him to get a hint and stop calling but was told that Pilgrim had put out a contract that would kill them for five million dollars. Although Bendix remained firm that she would be able to leave before she was found, Castle warned that Bendix might not still be able to trust Shantel not to betray her.[2]


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